Rory McIlroy, a lesson for us all!

rory mcilroyThis past weekend, I got to watch yet another professional golfer crash and burn on the back nine on Sunday afternoon. On this particular occasion it was young Northern Ireland phenom, Rory McIlroy. McIlroy started the day with a comfortable lead, but as so often happens, he succumbed to pressure and made too many bad shots.

McIlroy burst onto the scene just a few years ago and took the golf world by storm. He won his first professional tournament in 2009 at age 20 and in 2012 became the second youngest player ever to reach number one in the world golf rankings.  But in 2013 he had a dismal year and even quit partway through a tournament.

His play has been much improved this year and last weekend he appeared well positioned to win the tournament. That is, until he came unglued on Sunday afternoon.

The lesson young McIlroy taught us has to do, not with winning or losing, but rather, where we put our focus. When asked by a reporter what he had to do to win the tournament, he responded by saying he had to limit the number of mistakes he made. In other words, his focus was on what he didn’t want (to make mistakes). So what happened? He went out the next day and at a very crucial time in the tournament, made several very costly mistakes and consequently, didn’t win. Had his focus been more positive, for example, had he simply said he was focused on doing his best, the outcome quite likely would have been different. I suspect he would’ve won the tournament.

The law of attraction teaches us that what we focus on is what we create. In other words, what we think about we bring about. Think positive and and you’ll generally achieve positive results.

Winning doesn’t come from not making mistakes [we’re all bound to make mistakes], nor does it come from focusing on winning or being the best. It comes from doing your best and this is all we need to think about! This approach is a lot less stressful because you don’t put so much pressure on yourself, which relaxes you, freeing you up to make your best shots.

We’re not always going to win, but we can always do our best!

Have an awesomely and positively-focused day!


2 comments on “Rory McIlroy, a lesson for us all!

  1. If you teach a child to not drop a glass, because if he does he will break it, then inevitably he will drop it. However, if you teach a child how to hold a glass he will hold it successfully.

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