My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 48 … The Power of Prayer

prayerI believe very strongly in the power of prayer! Not because I’m religious (because I’m not). Rather, because I believe there is a higher source of wisdom that is at the helm of the flow of life and this wisdom wants to help us on our journey. So it behooves us to tap into it!

I don’t consider myself an expert in prayer as it is something that I took up somewhat later in life.  Actually, that’s not quite true.  It’s more like prayer took me up.  The idea to use prayer as a way to heal came to me in 2000 while I was training to run a marathon.  Perhaps the inspiration of a mind trying to keep from being bored during long weekend runs.  More likely though, simple divine guidance!

You see, I had learned how to do emotional release healing through One Brain Therapy, but I had found it to be a slow process and fairly traumatic on those I had been counseling. So I had been thinking about a more efficient technique and while I was running the technique came to me as a prayer. So I started using it and getting great healing results. And so began my use of prayer as a way to improve my life!

A few years later, after watching the movie, The Secret, I began using prayer to manifest things I wanted and it has blossomed from there.

I have four types of prayers:

  • Healing
  • Manifesting
  • Gratitude
  • Protection from dark energies

I say all prayers as if I’ve already received what I am praying for. I do this by beginning each prayer with, “Thank you God I Am for bringing me …” I got this idea from the book Conversations With God I by Neale Donald Walsch. By stating it this way I’m thanking the universe for what I want, so the universe obliges. Also, by saying ‘God I Am,’ I am acknowledging my oneness with God.

Healing prayer:

“Thank you God I am for neutralizing the energetic frequency, healing and releasing all unresolved emotional energy, all fear, all faulty beliefs and all aspects of me and all aspects of any other soul, in or out of my bloodline, that needs to be healed and released in order for me to overcome the emotional pain that is at the root of whatever I am experiencing (for example, a headache). I thank you God I Am for this healing and I thank you for increasing the effectiveness of this healing by 100 times or more.”

Manifesting prayer:

The prayer I use to manifest things is a very simple. It goes like this: “Thank you God I Am for bringing me whatever it is that I want.” For example, I might say, “Thank you God I Am for bringing lots of students to all the classes that I teach.”

I have learned that when I do not receive what I’m praying for it is either because I am not ready for it yet, or I have a faulty belief that is blocking me from receiving it, or it is simply not meant to be.  The challenge can be understanding the reason why I am not manifesting what I’m praying to manifest.

Gratitude prayer:

The gratitude prayer I use is almost identical to the manifesting prayer. The difference is that the gratitude prayer uses the past tense. For example, I might say, “Thank you God I Am for all the students who came to class tonight,” or “Thank you God I Am for all the people who checked out my blog today!”

When the universe hears you expressing gratitude it gives you more things to be grateful for.

Dark energy protection prayer:

I started praying for protection from dark energies in 2012 after listening to a podcast on dark energies by Caroline Myss. Myss, a noted spiritual teacher and author of Sacred Contracts, claims that dark energies exist and that they interfere with our lives. After listening to the podcast, I created my own prayer and since then things in my life have improved immensely.

The dark energy prayer I use goes like this, “Thank you God I Am for immersing me in love and light. Thank you for the light that shines on me filling me up with divine goodness and compassion, forgiveness and gratitude, understanding and abundance. Thank you for hovering over me and protecting me. Thank you for hovering over my home and protecting my home. Thank you for the light that shines on me filling me up with happiness, kindness, courage, confidence and self love. Thank you! Namaste!”

I also give thanks to God for protecting other people and things, such as my children, by girlfriend and her family, my dad and my brothers and their families, my vehicle and my martial arts club. Even this blog.

Prayer can enrich your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by praying. Go for it!

Have an awesomely prayer filled day!


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