My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 45 … What I’ve Learned Through Parkinson’s

blackboardIn his book. Lucky Man, Michael J Fox says he considers himself (surprisingly enough) a lucky man. This seemingly absurd claim (if you have experienced the challenges of living with Parkinson’s, you’ll likely agree that this is a rather odd thing to say) is based on the positive changes Fox has experienced in his life and the way in which it has become more meaningful, particularly in creating and overseeing the Micheal J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. It has also thrust him into the role of lobbyist for increased government funding, and in addition to connecting with many people living with the condition all over the world, he has become the defacto Parkinson’s spokesperson.

His celebrity status has brought a lot of much needed attention to the need to better understand Parkinson’s because it affects so many people and because it can be so debilitating.

Unlike Fox, I don’t consider myself lucky (not given my struggles with daily tasks … like typing at this keyboard), but I do feel very blessed for what I’ve learned and for the amazingly positive response I’ve received to this blog. I can safely say that I wouldn’t know what I know today about health if I hadn’t developed this condition.

Prior to developing PD, I considered myself quite knowledgeable (although, not necessarily very disciplined) about how to heal oneself. This, the result of 15 years of overcoming migraine headaches and food sensitivities. I had learned about the importance of healthy eating habits, the need to avoid dairy (not easy when you are a cheese lover), the deadly toxicity of artificial sweeteners, especially, aspartame,, the equally harmful effects of sugar and the need for the body to be in an alkaline state.

I had also learned about the role of unresolved emotional pain in the development of disease and the  importance of healing it. In fact, I believed that any disease could be healed simply by healing the underlying emotional root cause. Parkinson’s would teach me that this wasn’t quite the case. And that’s not all I’ve learned!

I’ve learned about:

  •  the role of back tension in the development of chronic health issues
  • the interactive relationships between all the systems of the body, including the Central Nervous System, Endocrine System, Digestive System and Immune System
  •  the role of the immune system and that 80% of the IS (Immunoglobulin A) is in the gastrointestinal tract
  • leaky gut and that it involves the destruction of both healthy gut flora and the mucosal lining of the GI tract
  •  the role of the lymphatic system in keeping the body healthy
  • the role of inflammation in the development of disease
  • how to restore health by detoxing the body … restoring gut health, strengthening the IS, alkalizing the body, eliminating inflammation and unclogging the lymph system

In essence, I’ve learned what causes the body to become unwell and how to restore health.

I’ve also learned to look at disease differently and in fact, not to think of it as disease, but simply as the body chemistry being in a state of disorder.

Along the way, I’ve also discovered ways to temporarily minimize symptoms, like laying on my back, sitting in lake water, exercise walking, tossing a ball and practicing Qigong. I get very excited each time I make a new discovery!

What is equally exciting, is that wordpress has given me a platform in which to communicate what I’ve learned … and given the activity on my blog, it appears that there is a great thirst for knowledge.

In many ways, the last 25 years of my life has been an amazing educational journey, which wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t become unwell. There truly is a silver lining in every cloud!

Have an awesomely blessed day!


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