My Favourite Cheesy Bubble Gum Songs!

bubble gumEverybody has ’em! Cherished bubble gum songs (otherwise known as, cheesy) hidden deep in the closet, rarely (if ever) to be revealed!

I’m a diehard rock n roller, but I freely admit that I like certain cheesy songs. Some of these songs were actually written by legitimate rock bands. Yes, while music is full of cheesy bands, The Bay City Rollers, K.C. & the Sunshine Band and the 1980s come to mind, some of my favourite rock bands have written some very cheesy songs. Queen, for instance, wrote an entire album of cheesy songs in the early 80s, called Hot Space. I think they were inspired by the success of Another One Bites the Dust … pure cheese!

The Rolling Stones were guilty of the same faux pas. Case in point, Some Girls! ‘Girl, I miss you’ … yuck!

Even the Beatles (well, maybe Paul McCartney) weren’t above writing cheesy songs! She’s Leaving Home is a prime example. This is why I can never consider Sgt. Peppers to be the best rock album of all time.

My son told me once time that Styx was a cheesy band, which I vehemently denied. I was a big Styx fan in university and while I can be a fan of certain cheesy songs, there is simply no way I could like a cheesy band! In my son’s defense though, I think his assessment of Styx was based entirely on the song, Babe, which was actually the cause of the band’s first break up. Pianist, and self-appointed band leader, Dennis DeYoung (who wrote Babe), favoured cheese, while guitarists Tommy Shaw and James Young wanted to stay true to their rock roots.

Some bands even went so far as to write cheesy songs on purpose. For example, The Turtles wrote Elinore, a song full of lame cliches, in response to their record company’s unrelenting pressure to produce a follow up hit to Happy Together. Elinore surprised the band my becoming a big hit!

Elinore and Babe are prime examples of how much record companies and music fans love cheesy music. Another example involves Paul Anka. The biggest hit for the guy who wrote My Way (huge hits for Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley) was the incredibly cheesy, Having My Baby! From My Way to My God!

Like it or not, cheesy songs are a part of the music landscape, and in no particular order, here are some of my favourites!

  1. The Rain, the Park and Other Things … The Cowsills
  2. Sit Down I Think I love You … The Mojo Men
  3. 1 2 3 Red Light … 1910 Fruit Gum Company (speaking of bubble gum music!)
  4. My Eyes Adored You … Frankie Valli
  5. Laughter in the Rain … Neil Sedaka
  6. Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes … Edison Lighthouse
  7. Fanny … The Bee Gees
  8. Shannon … Henry Gross
  9. I Ran … Flock of Seagulls

Pass the cheese please!

Have an awesomely cheesy day!


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