My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 41 … The Meaning of Life

tree of lifeThrough the amazing journey I’ve been on for the past 20 years, I have come to understand that the meaning of life is twofold:

  1. To become conscious
  2. To experience

So what exactly does this mean, why is it so important and what does it have to do with Parkinson’s?

Let me explain!

First, life has a purpose. Of this I have no doubt, and as crazy as this may sound, it helps explain the insanity that characterizes life on the planet!

Neale Donald Walsch described the purpose of life best in Conversations With God I, when he wrote, ‘God wanted to understand, experientially what God believed to be true conceptually.’ Walsch doesn’t explain why this was an issue that God needed to resolve (perhaps God is a masochist), but God did go on to create the universe … and then gave us freewill and an ego (the masochist part).

God gave us freewill so as to understand what we would do with it and an ego to see how it would influence our choices. As it turns out, giving humans freewill and an ego is like placing an onion and a piece of cake in front of a young child and telling him to pick. Of course, he’s going to choose the cake. You could even tell the child that if he ate enough cake he would get fat, develop diabetes (you’d have to explain this), heart disease and eventually, cancer, and he would still scoff at you and pick the cake!

You could also tell the child that the cake was in limited supply and if he picks it nobody else will get any … and he’ll still pick the cake! And that pretty much sums up life on the planet. Given the choice, more often than not, we choose things that aren’t good for us or humanity. We choose hatred over love, selfishness over altruism and war over compassion. We  exploit the planet for personal gain, rather than live in harmony with Mother Nature. We hoard, rather than share, because the ego is self absorbed. It cares little about the collective.

God created the Garden of Eden and we ego-centric ‘human’ beings have been stealing forbidden fruit from the Tree of Life ever since! So much for freewill, you say! Maybe not!

Our self destructive behaviour, it seems, stems from unconsciousness (because of our egos, most people aren’t even aware that our behaviour is destructive), so the way to change it is for us to become conscious … for us to awaken. Buddhists refer to this as enlightenment. New Agers refer to it as spiritual transformation. However you label it, it’s about becoming aware that there is a God and this God, or universal intelligence, is everywhere and in everything, and as such, we are all connected. It’s about becoming aware that we are not simply human beings, but rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And it’s about becoming aware that all experience, particularly that involving suffering, is meant to guide us towards enlightenment.

You see, if we were all conscious from the very beginning (and if there were no temptations) there would nothing for God to learn (it’s like, what would be the point?), so we had to be unconscious (we had to be asleep) and we had to suffer!

So if you are experiencing Parkinson’s (or any other condition), it is your opportunity to awaken. It is your small slice of the collective experience that is intended to help God understand. The attitude you adopt and the choices you make tell God if you are mired in ego or bathed in enlightenment!

Yes, life, and every experience in it, has a purpose, and our purpose … is to awaken to this understanding!

Have an awesomely conscious day!


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