My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 37 … Again, You Gotta Have a sense of humour

diceWhen you’re living with a condition like Parkinson’s, I think it’s really important to have a sense of humour (If pressured, Mari will tell you I don’t always have one!). I was thinking about this recently at the ski hill. Actually, I was in the washroom at the ski hill fumbling through six layers of clothing so I could take a pee. Between my wonky left hand (Medically known as Dystonia), trembling and lack of balance, peeing for me has become a real adventure … which is why I rarely do it standing up these days … and add in a bunch of clothes and you can see why I was thinking about the importance of having a sense of humour.

During the process, my mind began to wander and soon I found myself thinking about the jobs I likely wouldn’t apply for (as a person living with Parkinson’s). For instance, I can’t see myself wanting to be a tree trimmer. Given the aforementioned lack of balance, trembling and wonky left hand, not to mention, loss of strength, dizziness and fatigue, this likely wouldn’t be the best career path for me (unless you can picture me clinging for dear life to the upper most branches of the tree while screaming in terror).

No, career options can become somewhat limited when you’re experiencing a certain health condition. Here are some other jobs I can’t see myself applying for:

  • Gunslinger (Yessum pardner, before he came down with Parkinson’s I reckon ol’ Slim wooda shot that feller!)
  • Sniper (Missed him by thaaaaaaaaaaaaat much!)
  • Arthroscopic surgeon (Oops! Yep, thought your hand was a little shaky today Frank!)
  • Pilot (Let me just take over the controls there Captain. Seems the passengers in first class are complaining about their drinks being spilled … not to mention the frequent drops in altitude!)
  • High wire walker (Self explanatory!)

There are however, certain positions I think I would be ideally suited for:

  • Massage therapist (I’ll just put my hands on your back and let them do their thing!)
  • Salt & pepper shakers product demonstrator (Likely not many job opportunities in this field, but I bet I’d be good at it!)
  • Dice thrower at the casino (I’m sure I’d be awesome at it, but I think you need to know somebody!)
  • Horror movie extra (Again, self explanatory!)

Yes, I think it definitely helps to have a sense of humour … or perhaps, one just needs to be open minded!

Have an awesomely amusing day!

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4 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 37 … Again, You Gotta Have a sense of humour

  1. I don’t know if I could have the same sense of humour that you have Fred…You are definitely an inspiration to me and others…I Love ya bud!!

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