My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 34 … My Diet Rant

whip creamLast week on Live with Kelly & Michael, the American morning television talk show, hosts Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan interviewed (so called) dietary experts on healthy diets to kick start the new year. One particular. guest caught my attention … and not for a good reason.

This guest is a doctor who professes to be a dietary expert. He even has a book on the New York Times Best Sellers list to prove it. Among the foods this doctor recommended as part of a healthy diet was canned whipped cream.


I almost went through the TV screen trying to get at him!

Are you serious? Canned whipped cream? Between the dairy, sugar and processing there is absolutely nothing remotely healthy about canned bleepin’ whipped cream. In fact, it’s very harmful to your health. It compromises gut health, clogs up the lymph system and acidifies the body, and thanks to this ill-informed doctor, people are going to think it’s healthy to eat it.

A truly healthy diet (if it’s even possible given acid rain and pollution) is very simple. It consists of:

  • fresh, organic fruits and vegetables (locally grown if possible)
  • organic (non-irradiated) nuts and seeds
  • unsaturated, omega-3 oils, like coconut and olive, and fats, like avocado
  • free run, grass fed chicken and beef (in moderation)
  • wild caught fish

If it comes from a cow, a box, a can or a bakery, or if it contains sugar, artificial sweeteners or colourings or non-saturated fats, or if it has been pasteurized, irradiated or microwaved, it should be eaten in moderation, or ideally, not at all!

As a whole, we eat far too much unhealthy foods and it’s literally killing us (I’m sincerely not exaggerating), and having doctors on national television encouraging us to eat unhealthy foods is not helping matters!

Have an awesomely nutritious day!


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