My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 30 … Destiny, Karma and Free Will

destinyI am a believer in the adage, everything happens for a reason, and as such, I believe it was my destiny to develop this neurological condition (the result of a mess up in my body chemistry), that the medical community has chosen to label as Parkinson’s Disease.


After all, it could be argued, quite legitimately, that my present health condition is simply the result of  all the bad choices I’ve made and unfortunate experiences I’ve had throughout my life. The more superstitious might suggest, again quite legitimately, that I am experiencing karma for all the bad things I’ve done (not just in this lifetime, but other lifetimes as well).

But I believe it was destiny!

Destiny, karma and free will all play a role in our lives. Of that, I have no doubt and destiny is the trump card in this troika. It’s the only rational explanation for certain experiences … the newborn baby given only months to live because of a rare genetic condition; the teenager who breaks his neck play wrestling with his best friend, leaving him a paraplegic; the young man who attempts to run across the country on one leg to raise funds for cancer research, only to be stricken by the disease a second time and die from it midway on his journey.

When I think of destiny, karma and free will, no name pops into my head faster than that of John Lennon. Rising from obscurity in Liverpool, England to become part of one of the most significant phenomenons of our lifetime, who lobbied and sang for peace and love, only to be murdered by a crazed fan. I just can’t fathom that this was all random!

Many people will tell you that things just happen (they actually use a more colourful expression), but I don’t subscribe to this line of thinking.  Sure, free will plays a role in our experiences. Every day we make decisions that affect the course of our day and our life, but I think there is a far greater force (or intelligence) at play and we are merely players.

I believe Parkinson’s was my destiny because I believe I was meant to document and communicate my experience because we need to change the way we live. We’re a society that is ignorant of what affects our health. We eat and live very unhealthy and when our health falters, we run to the doctor, who prescribes medication which only serves to mask symptoms and make drug companies rich.

I believe there is a better way and it involves understanding the truths of our existence and living healthy and in harmony with Mother Earth … and the more people who are living and communicating this lifestyle, the more others will hear.

Actually, whether my situation is the the result of destiny, karma or just a random occurrence is irrelevant at this point because as Tom Selleck’s character in the television show Blue Bloods said, “It’s not what has happened or what you’ve done that matters most, it’s what you do next! Believing in destiny, though, helps give me hope that things can change, and so I experience and I communicate.

Have an awesomely destined day!


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