What Happened to Our Manners?

leave it to beaverQuestion 1: Since when did ‘You’re welcome,’ become ‘No problem.’ … because I sure hope the change you just gave me for the $800 item I purchased, wasn’t a problem!

Question 2: When did it become acceptable for a perfect stranger (usually a guy) to address another guy as, ‘buddy.’ … “Hey buddy, how ya doin’?”

Question 3: Who told young people (quite often restaurant servers) that when greeting older couples, address them as, ‘guys!’ … “Hi guys, what can I getcha?”

What has happened to our manners? Is it the daycare phenomenon … you know, kids being raised in daycare and not being taught basic manners … or has society changed and I didn’t get the Facebook post? Perhaps its just me! Maybe I’m too sensitive or my expectations are unrealistic!

Perhaps, on the other hand, it’s just another indicator of the direction in which our society is heading. One whose values are based on money, power and fame, rather than compassion, forgiveness and respect.


Actually, I don’t know that there is any disrespect intended when people speak in this manner, but it sure sounds like it (which in itself is a bit scary … that people don’t know the difference).

In my experience, the lack of respect we give others reflects a lack of self respect, which comes from not feeling good about ones self. Perhaps then, this is the fundamental issue we need to address … creating a society that feels good about itself (that feels lovable, worthy, good enough and empowered). This might take some time though, because clearly our present focus has a lot more to do with money!

In the meantime, here are a couple more doozies to ponder:

  • ‘Pardon me?’ is quite often, ‘Huh?’ … Huh?
  • ‘Excuse me,’ has been replaced with, ‘Wait!’ … What do I need to wait for, I’m not doing anything?

Maybe I’ll watch a couple of episodes of Leave it to Beaver. People knew how to show respect back in those days by golly!

Have an awesomely respectful day!


6 comments on “What Happened to Our Manners?

  1. I’m ok with modern slang as far as manners go, but I notice the simple words like “Please’ and “Thank you” are not said when they should be. I reckon parents should be teaching their children manners, and of course school as well.

  2. Great post Fred and I totally agree with you here. I can’t handle kids that have no manners and besides the fact that some don’t even greet you properly anymore there is also the fact that most of them don’t have respect for their neighbours as well where noise is concerned. Makes me wonder why people move to quiet, little towns like ours to look for peace and quiet and then they commit noise pollution. 😉

    • Thank you for stopping by Sonel! My son believes this is a generational thing and maybe it is, in part! Perhaps there needs to be more understanding on both sides … and education!


  3. Fred this is so funny…. I just met a lady the other day and she said the exact same thing… it drives her crazy when people respond no problem… I did not really think about it until she said it, and it is sooooo true! Manners are everything.

    • Is suppose we shouldn’t get angry because it seems to be more of a generational thing, but I think it also reflects the moral degradation of our society. In any event, you gotta love synchronicity 🙂


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