My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 25 … The Cure for Parkinson’s

utopiaI was reading Michael J Fox’s book, Lucky Man, when I was struck by a sudden bolt of epiphany. The section I was reading was near the end of the book where Fox describes his appearance before a senate sub committee hearing in 1999 requesting more funding for Parkinson’s research. He wrote that scientists claimed that with more funding, a cure could be found within ten years.

And that’s when I had the epiphany!

The cure for Parkinson’s is not a funding issue (heck, if it was, we’d have found a cure for cancer years ago!). It’s not a political issue. It’s not even a health issue. Rather, it is a spiritual issue. It’s an issue of love!

The cure for Parkinson’s is this … eat healthy and be kind! It’s that simple! And it’s not just the cure for Parkinson’s, it’s the cure for all disease!

The reason there is so much ‘incurable’ disease on the planet is because we eat too much unhealthy foods and we carry around too much toxic energy … too much fear and sadness, too much hatred and bitterness and guilt and shame and anger. And it’s spiraling out of control creating enormous anguish and despair.

But we can change it! We just have to do two thingsĀ … eat healthy and be kind!

Of course it would help if we reduced our carbon footprint, eliminated famine, poverty and unemployment and expressed more forgiveness and gratitude, but these are all just expressions of kindness.

It also helps to live consciously, in peace and feeling good abut ourselves, but this can develop from living in kindness.

I must also point out that my being kind and eating healthy may not cure ME. But this isn’t about me or any other one person. This is about humankind, the planet and the flow of life. This about changing the way WE live!

When we think about government corruption, corporate greed, crime and all the other ills of our society, it can be overwhelming. This overwhelm creates inaction because we simply don’t know what to do. But the issue for each of us is not about changing society. It’s about changing ourselves and as more of us change … as more of us start eating healthy and being kind … more will follow and then society will change and THEN we will cure disease!

Have an awesomely healthy day!


2 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 25 … The Cure for Parkinson’s

  1. I totally agree with your epiphany. I didn’t care about what I ate or drank 12 years ago, but for the last nine years I have eaten a fresh green salad almost every day. My hairdresser says I am very healthy, because she has never seen hair grow at such a rapid pace as does mine.


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