My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 24 … Gratitude … Merry Christmas!

zipperChristmas is a time of year when we tend to feel more gratitude than normal! We’re happier. Kinder. More helpful! And why not, it’s an awesome time of year!

When you’re dealing with a progressive. degenerative health condition, sometimes the last thing you feel is grateful. As the condition continues its relentless progression, you’re more apt to say, “Why me? What the hell did I do to deserve this?” (As a brief aside here, although I don’t often do it, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to use the word hell in conversation, because I don’t believe  a word that describes an imaginary place should be considered a swear word.) And yet, living in gratitude is essential to maintaining a healthy attitude which is so essential for living with the condition in the best way possible. I recently experienced this first hand.

While putting on my winter coat to go for my morning walk (this after putting on four or five inner layers). I just couldn’t seem to zip up the zipper because it kept getting caught on the fabric, in part, because I have limited use of my left hand. After several futile attempts, I lost it. As the Champ would say, “I snapped!” I had a meltdown.

After a few moments of cursing and feeling sorry for myself. I was able to get my coat done up and get out of the house. As I set out on my walk, I was still feeling a lot of anger, so I decided to focus on the things in my life I am grateful for … like the fact that I can still go for a walk! After listing off several things, I began to feel better. My mood lightened and I felt more cheerful, so I kept listing things. Then I brought my attention into the present moment where true bliss really exists and it wasn’t long before the incident with the zipper was long forgotten!

I think it’s important to adopt an attitude of gratitude regardless of your situation or state of health. When the universe hears you expressing gratitude it sends you more reasons to be grateful … like being grateful for all the people who are taking the time to read this blog … and how awesome is that!

I am taking a few days off from my daily PD blogs to enjoy Christmas and hang out with Mari and our families! Please have an awesome Christmas (whether you celebrate it or not) and I will see you soon!

Have an awesomely festive day!

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