Merry Christmas … A Children’s Christmas Poem!

santa's sleighAfter writing the song, Main Street Christmas, I had an idea to write a second Christmas song. This one was going to be about two brothers plotting mayhem on Christmas Eve and the fallout from their dastardly deed.

The idea stayed with me for a couple of years and then one day it came to me and within a couple of hours, I had written The Christmas Choice. Rather than a song though, it ended up being a children’s poem.

I would like to wish everyone the very merriest of Christmases! May the festive season be filled with friendship and joy!

I hope you enjoy the poem!

The Christmas Choice

Two young boys set out that night

To take old Santa down

They would become they figured

The most famous boys in town.

With a great big bag of ice balls

And a very devious plan

They snuck right out their bedroom window

Those boys named Teddy and Stan

They planned to ambush Santa

Out near the baseball park

Very early on Christmas Eve

Just after dark

But just as you imagined

Things went really bad

When the first ice ball hit old Santa

Right smack in his forehead

The big red sleigh started spinning

It went round and round and round

And then without a warning

It crashed down to the ground

Well Santa he just lay there

As stunned as he could be

While Teddy and Stan went running

As fast as they could flee

But something made them stop that night

Something made them pause

For they knew they had to go right back

And help poor Santa Claus

They picked up poor old Santa

And placed him in the sleigh

Then gathered up the presents

And were quickly on their way

They knew they had a job to do

To right a terrible wrong

They’d have to travel round the world

And be home before dawn

They delivered all the presents

As fast as they could fly

From town to town the reindeer flew

Across the moonlit sky

The trip it was so magical

The stars shawn bright above

By doing something wonderful

They had discovered love

But as they neared their journey’s end

They had to make a choice

For there were two more houses left

But just one bag of toys

What made the choice so difficult

What made matters worse

Was yes there were two houses left

And the last one was theirs

They looked into each other’s eyes

And knew just what to do

They left the toys at the other house

Just as you would too

Just then Santa stirred awake

And they sadly apologized

But he just grinned and shook their hands

And bid them a goodbye

They crept back in there bedroom window

Just as the sun arose

And snuggled in their soft warm beds

Dressed in their sleeping clothes

Just then they heard their parents say

“Merry Christmas kids

It’s time to go down to the tree

And see what Santa hid”

As they walked in to the living room

They thought it would be bare

But they couldn’t believe their very eyes

With all the presents there

“Ho ho ho, goodbye my friends”

They heard dear Santa say

“Thank you for your help last night

Have a wonderful Christmas day”

And so on Christmas morning

When you go down to the tree

As you open all your gifts

Do so gratefully!


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