My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 17 … Exercise

Trip to Estonia 224Exercise is critically important in healing any health condition. It is essential for a healthy body, mind and spirit! Personally, I love being active! The question is what exercise is best? I think the simple answer is, whatever feels best and whatever you enjoy! As long as you do something! My exercise routine looks like this:

  1. Walk for an hour almost every day … usually in the morning … always outside and regardless of the weather conditions. The colder the temperature in the winter, the more layers I put on.
  2. Half hour to 45 minutes of balancing, stretching and yoga poses, again, almost every day.
  3. In the evening when I teach martial arts (2-4 hours … 4 nights a week), I do various ¬†exercises:¬†warm-ups (jumping jacks, knee raises), cardiovascular (running), strengthening (push ups, lunges), balancing and martial arts techniques (strikes, kicks, blocks, katas, etc).

In the summer, I also swim when I can … I don’t swim in pools because I don’t like the chlorine … and I play a few rounds of golf … I love golf! I used to ride my bike a lot, but I’ve pretty much given it up due to the dystonia in my left leg and tension in the back of my neck. Otherwise, I love bike riding!

I would describe my exercise level as light. While I do a lot, I no longer do intense workouts. I don’t enjoy it and I don’t feel good when I do it! Besides, Dr. Morse, the Florida naturopath who recommends the frutarian diet says that intense exercise creates lactic acid build up which further stresses cellular metabolism … which is already impaired due to a clogged up lymph system, which is at the root of all disease. For more information, see my post on correcting body chemistry. I do enough to keep the body limber and the blood flowing. While I’m walking and stretching, I also practice living in the moment by bringing my attention to my breath and looking around and observing. This is very helpful in eliminating stress.

Although it’s not part of my routine, I also recommend dancing. In fact, there is a dance program created specifically for people with Parkinson’s.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of joyful exercise. Like laughter and a healthy diet, it is essential for healing!

Have an awesomely energetic day!


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