Let’s Honour Nelson Mandela by Being Kind!

MandelaIf there is one person on this planet I could have met, it was Nelson Mandela. He was a great man with even greater ideals!  Unfortunately, the closest I got was reading his autobiography, A Long Walk to Freedom. All I can do now is be what he wanted everyone to be … kind!

Mandela was truly a beacon of light! His greatest legacy is the reconciliation he advocated in South Africa, a country torn apart by apartheid. He realized that vengeance would destroy his country, so he lobbied for forgiveness.

News shows have been talking about how Mandela changed the world, but sadly, this is not yet true. Rampant greed, government corruption, bullying in schools, the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Congo and crime in South Africa are evidence of that. The world also didn’t change after Mahatma Gandhi. It didn’t change after Martin Luther King and didn’t change after John Lennon.

Perhaps the reason we haven’t changed, that is, why our behaviour hasn’t changed, is because haven’t known what to do. We look at the state of the world and we’re overwhelmed. We think, how can we possibly make things better. It’s understandable. But we can change things by doing just one thing. Be kind!

In every thought you think, word you speak and action you take, make it come from a place of kindness … every day, for the rest of your life. Every night when you go to bed, ask yourself this question, “Was I kind today?”

Let’s raise our children to be kind. They’re our future. Let’s teach and practice kindness in our schools. We can do it!

Yes, Nelson Mandela was a beacon of light and we all need to pick up his torch!

Have an awesomely kind day!


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