My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 11 … The Basics of Healing

homer1Due to the growing response to the blogs I’ve been posting on healing Parkinson’s Disease Naturally, I’ve decided to post more frequently. I’ve always been concerned about over-posting, but it seems there is a huge demand for information from people looking for an alternative. I’ve learned a lot about Parkinson’s and healing in general and I feel obliged to share what I’ve learned.

The focus will be on Parkinson’s but quite frankly the principles of healing apply to all disease, because any disease, be it Parkinson’s, cancer or arthritis, is an outward expression of an internal breakdown in our body chemistry. What causes these varied manifestations is a mystery to me, medical science, most health professionals and Homer Simpson … doh!

Whatever the outward expression, the internal cause almost always relates to:

  • inflammation
  • leaky gut
  • acidosis
  • clogged up lymph system

In order to heal we need to return our bodies to homeostasis and in order to do that we need to give our bodies the following:

  • Proper nutrients … from natural, organic foods
  • Pure, clean water
  • Oxygen … from pure, clean air
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Sunshine … aka, Vit D
  • Effective bowel elimination

And equally important, is the elimination of chronic stress, including:

  • Day to day stress from worry
  • Stress from overdoing it … work, exercise, etc
  • Stress from unresolved emotional pain … anger, hatred, bitterness, guilt, shame, grief,etc.

We also need to have faith and trust that we can … and will … heal. From the moment I received my diagnosis I have held the belief that I will heal this condition … just like my body has healed every cut, bruise and broken bone I’ve ever had.

The single most important thing we can do to heal begins with diet. We will not heal anything as long as we put junk in our bodies and so, this is where I urge you to begin. As soon as you can, transition to a natural, organic diet (tomorrow,we’ll look at some options).

In the meantime, remember, attitude and information are our friends. Keep your chin up, keep smiling and do your homework (just like your mom ‘urged’ you to do when you were a kid). We’re all in this together (we really are)!

Have an awesomely healthy day!

If you’d like to know my story, please check out the first article I posted on Healing Parkinson’s Naturally.


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