A Rating System for Household Chores

leavesI decided today that we need to have a rating system for household chores!

Why, you ask?

Let me explain!

You see, I was out raking leaves in the back yard, while Mari was inside doing the dishes. Seems like a fair exchange given that the back yard is pretty small … except for one thing … dog dooh … which Β I stepped in … three times … in my new running shoes … the ones with the deep treads!

The dog dooh, as luck would have it, was cleverly camouflaged among the leaves … so I stopped raking to clean it up … not as simple as it sounds … because it was mushy … from all the rain … three weeks worth of it … and Β the dog had stepped in pretty much every pooh … mashing them into the grass, making them as easy to get out as mustard stains on a white t-shirt!

A half hour later I was back raking leaves. After I finished, I decided to wash the bottoms of my shoes … with the hose … only to discover that the outside tap had been turned off … which is when I decided to go for a walk … and that’s when I came up with the idea of the rating system! I figure if doing the dishes is worth one point, raking leaves has to be worth 20 … to account for the dog dooh! Gonna run it by Mari!

In two or three days I expect the pooh remaining in the treads of my shoes to be dried enough so that I can bang the bottoms of them together to knock it off. In the meantime, they languish outside on the step … while the dog rests comfortably on her cushion!

Have an awesomely dooh-free day!

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6 comments on “A Rating System for Household Chores

  1. I think it was Jerry Seinfeld who noted that if visitors from space saw us walking behind dogs picking up their crap, they’d figure it was the dogs who were in charge. I’m here to tell you they’d be right!

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