Butterflies, Beavers and Berries … Evidence That God Exists

beaverThe single most important purpose of our physical journey here on Earth is to become conscious of who we really are. It is to become aware of, understand and experience our true spiritual nature … our oneness with God and all that exists. Clearly, if this is our purpose, we have a lot of work to do!

People could be divided into two groups … those who believe in God and those who don’t. Those who believe in God could be further divided into those who believe God is an it (that is to say, those who believe God is a supreme being who exists outside of us … you know, the belief that has led to all sorts of religious wars and killing on the name of God … but I digress) versus those who believe God is a thing (that is to say, a universal energy or intelligence that is everywhere and everything).

In my experience, experiencing our true spiritual nature is a process … although for some, it can happen spontaneously as a result of a trauma or epiphany … and the first step in the process is becoming aware that God exists. For evidence of this, we need look no further than butterflies, beavers and berries. These three phenomenon could simply looked upon as random aspects of nature or they could be viewed as evidence of the intricate web of things that are proof (if proof is required) of a higher intelligence. Let’s examine each of them.

First, do you ever wonder what it is that causes delicate little butterflies to fly thousands of miles from their summer homes in the north to their winter homes in the south and back again each year (or vice-versa depending on whether you live in the northern or southern hemisphere)? Butterflies are not exactly highly intelligent creatures (they’re not known for solving complicated mathematical equations or inventing highly sophisticated ways of killing one another)! And yet they know precisely where to go. And what is it that causes birds and waterfowl to do the same thing … and not just make the long, treacherous journey, but end up in the exact, same spot each year? And what causes caribou in the north, wildebeests on the Serengeti, Whitetail deer in North American forests and salmon in lakes and oceans to make similar journeys?

Next, when you think of the beaver, you likely think about a hard working, industrious little fellow with big, buck teeth and a flat tail who builds dams. But did you ever think about the role the beaver plays in maintaining balance in the delicate ecosystem of the forest? Beavers transform and I have witnessed both ends of their handiwork first hand near the town where I grew up. Beavers built a dam and transformed a thick, tag alder swamp into a large, open pond and what once was a large pond is now a meadow after the beaver dam which created the pond was washed away during a particularly heavy rainstorm. This meadow will soon return to forest as the trees on its perimeter drop their seeds giving rise to new trees.

And finally, when you think about berries, do you ever wonder why it is that different types ripen at different times of the spring and summer and why each type of berry ripens over a two to six week period (rather than all in one or two days), creating a constant food supply over a three to four month period? Similarly, flowers from plants, weeds and trees blossom at different times creating a constant supply of pollen for bees, insects and butterflies.

Did these purposeful migrations, beaver transformations and berry ripening patterns come about randomly or are they evidence of a higher intelligence? Of course, this question can’t be answered with absolute certainty, so perhaps a more meaningful question to ask is, does it serve humankind and the planet for us to continue living unconsciously, believing in separation from God (if we believe in God at all) and each other and all of the destructive behaviours and suffering that accompany this belief? Or does it serve us better to look at all the evidence of this higher intelligence and the peace, love, joy and abundance that we could all enjoy if we understood our oneness and our true, loving spiritual nature? Do we want a better life?

That is for each of us to decide!

Have an awesomely spiritual day!


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