When Fate Comes Calling

elton and bernieIn London in the late 60s’ a young Elton John responded to an ad looking for songwriters. He walked in to an tiny, unassuming office and spoke to a man sitting behind a desk. He told the man he could write music, but couldn’t write lyrics. The man searched through a pile of papers and handed a sheet to Elton. He said, “This guy says he can write lyrics so check him out and see what you think.” And so began a successful songwriting partnership that has spanned five decades, producing such amazing songs as Tiny Dancer, Daniel and Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me. The lyricist, of course, was Bernie Taupin.

As Elton described it, kismet was at work there! When the time is right, fate will find you.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to put it out there!

In 1989, I was attending a company conference. One of the guest speakers was a retired school teacher and Black Belt in martial arts from Philadelphia. I was so impressed with what he had to say (especially after we just happened to end up sitting beside each other at lunch) that I went home and immediately joined a karate club. Five years later, just before my black belt grading, my instructor asked me if I was interested in buying the club. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out, but then a few months later, three separate friends asked me if I would teach their kids. And so began an awesome seventeen year teaching career that has no end in sight.

Fate may find you in other ways, of course. Terry Fox developed cancer. Rick Hansen was in an accident. Reuben ‘Hurricane’ Carter went to jail for a murder he didn’t commit.

Fate, or kismet, as Elton called it, brought me to karate, just like it brought Bernie to Elton. And I couldn’t be happier … about both!

Clearly I was meant to teach karate. When the first option didn’t work out, the universe found another way to make it happen. The lesson here? When fate comes calling, as it surely will, answer the door!

Have an awesomely fateful day!


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