Laying Laminate Flooring … Yippieyiyokiyea!

laminateLaminate flooring! Leggo for adults! Although, I suspect, not quite as much fun. Or as forgiving!. Make a mistake constructing the latest Leggo spaceship, you simply tear it apart and rebuild. Make a mistake with laminate flooring (especially where cuts are involved) and … ouch … break out the wallet!

Mari recruited me this past weekend to help her do the floor in her felting/sewing room. That meant sewing machines and felting stuff, not to mention her computer and computer desk, complete with internet and network cables, printer and printer cables and so on, things that are not easily moved. Moving them out of the room was understandably not an option. Mari was unconcerned about it. To her, it was just something to deal with … a good attitude to adopt would be my advise!

Now, any time I get involved in a home renovation project there is great potential for adventure. Years ago, my children anointed me the second coming of Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor, Tim Allen’s lovable, but inept character on the popular 90s television show, Home Improvements. This despite the fact that I built a rec room and soundproof room for my son’s rock band several years ago. Ahhh, but what have you done for me lately!

Their accusations weren’t without justification. I am fondly reminded of the time I replaced the built-in dishwasher Β in our kitchen. I had disassembled everything and started pulling it out from underneath the counter when it suddenly got stuck. I peered around both sides of the unit, but couldn’t see the obstruction. Undaunted, I started tugging on it again, but it wouldn’t budge …. and that’s when I decided the best way to resolve the matter was to give it a mighty yank …. and shortly after that is when all hell broke loose. Poof, zap, pow!! Sparks were flying everywhere. I even saw one heading in the general direction of the neighbour’s propane tank. The dog bolted and it took us a week to find him! Son-of-b*&*!, I forgot to disconnect the wiring. I dashed downstairs, shut off the power (fortunately, it was daytime) and I ran back upstairs to survey the damage. The only thing scorched was my ego! Such is the way of the handyman challenged!

I was deep in reflection on this very incident when Mari snapped me out of my reverie. “Pardon?” I said.

“Are you ready to get started?” she asked, evidently not for the first time.

Off we went!

On the way upstairs, I was feeling a little trepidation because sometimes projects of this nature can put a strain on a relationship. Do you remember The Money Pit with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long? An opportunity to practiceΒ living in the present moment, perhaps … or maybe the first of Thich Nhat Hanh’s (the venerable Vietnamese Buddhist monk) four mantras for a successful relationship ,,, Darling, I’m here for you!

I had never done a laminate floor before, while Mari had successfully tackled a couple of projects, so she took the lead and I was her willing second hand man (as the song goes … by Ginette Reno if memory serves). Actually, while Mari put down the flooring, I assumed the role of saw guy. Baseball has its designated hitter and I was the designated cutter … cutting and handing with glee!

After the laminate was done, I then became the trim guy … which makes sense, because I am a trim guy … heh heh! While I had no previous experience with laminate flooring, I’ve had plenty of experience with trim, cutting those tricky 45 degree angles and nailing tight to the floor. Piece of cake … really, it went smoothly! No ‘Tim’ experiences on this project!

The entire job went pretty smoothly, actually. Of course it helps enormously when the supervisor is both organized and efficient!

And so, tired as hell, backs aching, a day and a half later we were done (except for re-organizing the room … a job for Mari because I’d just get in the way). As I said, the job went quite smoothly, the floor looks awesome and our relationship and my ego were fully intact! Beautiful!

Have an awesomely constructive day!


8 comments on “Laying Laminate Flooring … Yippieyiyokiyea!

  1. Glad it all worked well, actually you worked well, you are very good in DIY. Congratulations. Now you can go back to the lego spaceship and finish it off! πŸ™‚

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