If I Could Be Born In Any Year!

bill haleyIf I could be born in any year, I would choose 1955, the exact year in which I was born.

1955 was the year Bill Haley and His Comets re-released Rock Around the Clock, which effectively kicked off the era of rock ‘n roll. It was also the year Elvis recorded Heartbreak Hotel, launching his meteoric career as arguably the greatest entertainer of all time.

By being born in 1955, I was able to experience the thrill of sitting spellbound in front of the TV watching the Beatles first amazing appearance on Ed Sullivan. I also got to watch the first lunar landing and hear, first hand, Neil Armstrong’s immortal words. I got to witness the turbulent, if not colourful 60’s with it’s civil rights movement, Vietnam War protests and free living hippies with their peace signs and bell-bottom jeans.

In my lifetime, we have witnessed more change than in any other period on Earth. Some of it good. Some of it not so good. And now we are about to transcend into the next phase of our evolution where we become conscious of who we really are and why we’re really here on the planet. This will be a magical time of transformation, albeit, not without its share of unrest and instability,

The only moment that matters is the present moment, and in this moment, life is euphoric. The Internet and social media has shrunk the planet, connected us and given us unprecedented access to information. Anything you wish to know is available at your fingertips in less time than it takes to think about it.

What we wish to know, more than anything else, is the truth. What we want more than anything else is peace. And they are coming. In fact, they are already here. Just live in the moment and they are yours.

Ah yes! 1955! What an awesome time to be born! Besides, I’ve already lived many other lifetimes and experienced many other eras. As the saying goes, been there, done that. This is the time and place to be. Enjoy the experience!

Oh yes, one last thing, by being born in 1955, I got to ride in an original ’57 Chevy! Awesome!

Have an awesomely ’50s day!


4 comments on “If I Could Be Born In Any Year!

  1. My year was 1954 so we are close!
    I agree that it was a tremendous era to grow up in.
    Here is to all of us to make the current years just as great for our children and grand-children

  2. I am a 60’s child but I do not remember the 60 much as I was too small. I do love however the 50’s because of the music and the beautiful dresses the girls had when they danced. My dad used to have a beetle which was awesome, but I only remember my grandad’s beetle as I was in it. Thinking back , so many memories come… nice!

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