Is Mother Nature Trying To Get Our Attention?

floodingI was in Muskoka this past weekend visiting friends. Muskoka is the heart of cottage country here in Ontario, Canada. For several days, weather forecasters had predicated a major storm, telling us a cold front from the north would arrive Friday afternoon and push out the hot, humid air that had engulfed the province for close to two weeks.

Arrive it did!

The storm roared through early in the afternoon, toppling over thousands of trees all over the province and knocking out power for a few minutes to a few days depending on the location. It was extraordinary to witness!

In the past two years we have seen extreme weather phenomenon and unprecedented flooding all over world! In Europe and Asia and Australia and South America and the US and all across Canada. Why?

Some people will say this is normal and maybe it is. Given the vast media coverage we are exposed to these days, perhaps we’re just seeing more of it than in the past. Others are concerned. They see it as evidence that global warming is indeed affecting the planet. According to scientists, the polar ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and as they do, more moisture is being released into the atmosphere, causing water levels to rise.

Perhaps there is some truth to both of these scenarios. Perhaps, too, Mother Nature is simply trying to get our attention!

According to recent studies, not only are the polar ice caps melting, carbon dioxide levels are rising in the Arctic, the Oceans are in far worse shape than people are aware of, sharks are disappearing from the Pacific, polar bears are disappearing from the north, orangutans are disappearing from Indonesia, gorillas are disappearing from Africa, and frog numbers are dropping, as are minnows and bees. What is more, fish stocks all over the world are becoming too toxic to eat, the air in many jurisdictions is becoming unfit to breathe and water is in short supply in certain areas.

One would think alarm bells would be sounding all over the planet, but they’re not. And why? Because people are still blindly consumed with accumulating more money, toys and material goods. We’re not paying attention!

Mother Nature is extremely intelligent and we would be wise to listen to her. Do everything you can to reduce your carbon footprint and bring more kindness and love to the planet! Do it quickly and joyfully. She will notice, and so, perhaps, will others!

Have an awesomely attentive day!


5 comments on “Is Mother Nature Trying To Get Our Attention?

  1. This is a great post and one that reflects my sentiments in many ways.
    Sometimes we become engrossed in our own day-to-day lives and dealing with personal issues to really stop and look at the bigger picture. Thanks for the reminder. .

  2. I agree with you and even if it is not for us we need to leave our children and their children a working planet! People think it won’t happen in theor lifetime as these things go slowly but they do happen. Wildlife disappearing is a big issue. Just imagine a life without bees alone……no food, no fruit, what will we do?

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