My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 4 … Living in the Present Moment

birds in flightIn order for the body to return to homeostasis (in order for it to heal itself of any health condition or imbalance), the body must be in a slightly alkaline state and the immune system must be functioning normally.  In order for these two things to happen, you need to do five things:

  1. Heal the gut by purifying your diet (this will help restore the immune system)
  2. Eat alkalining foods that are rich in enzymes and natural bacteria
  3. Eliminate stress (stress acidifies the body and weakens the immune system)
  4. Heal unresolved emotional pain (which causes hidden stress)
  5. Heal the damage from physical trauma to the body (especially inflammation)

Those of you who have read my first three posts or the article I wrote on Parkinson’s will know that I have had this condition for several years and have chosen to manage, and in fact, heal it, naturally. I have already purified my diet … I eliminated processed foods, dairy, junk & fast foods, sugar, wheat, etc, and I eat a lot of fermented foods, particularly sauerkraut.

I have also been healing emotional woundings from my past and have been doing many other things, like grounding.

More recently, I have become an avid practitioner of ‘living in the present moment.’ In terms of stress elimination and diffusing the negative energy from unresolved emotional trauma, I don’t think there is anything better. In fact, Eckhart Tolle, who wrote The Power of Now, says stress and unhappiness occur when we want the present moment to be something other than it is, so accepting the present situation and living in the now is critically important for healing to take place.

Since making this a constant daily practice a few months ago, I have been sleeping better and feeling more energetic (which is an awesome start), so I know I’m on the right track. I feel happier and more at peace!

Living in the present moment requires constant diligence, because the mind is like a runaway train, and depending on your upbringing and life experiences, chances are, it is generating mostly negative thoughts. There are four simple things you can do to stay present:

  1. Completely focus on the task at hand (when I’m playing guitar, this is very easy for me)
  2. Focus on your breath
  3. Look around and observe without any mental commentary or judgment of what you are observing
  4. Look up (you are more likely to observe and stay present when looking up}

Meditation, of course, is also another great way to practice living in the moment.

I think living in the present moment is particularly relevant for people experiencing Parkinson’s or any other degenerative or life threatening condition, where it becomes very easy to worry about the future.

There is one other benefit of living in the moment. When you are living in the moment, you are thinking less. Less thinking means fewer neurons are firing in your brain … or in the case of Parkinson’s, fewer neurons misfiring … and therefore, an easing of the symptoms. Who would have thought that there was a benefit to not thinking. Take that my high school teachers!

Have an awesomely present day!


12 comments on “My Journey with Parkinson’s … A Natural Approach: Post 4 … Living in the Present Moment

  1. Do you think living in the present moment is accepting bad thoughts and feelings (if that is what you are experiencing), that is accept them rather than fight them; or is the idea to let those thoughts and feelings go?

    • I think the ideal is to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings, without judgment, recognize that they are the result of conditioned thinking of the egoic mind and unresolved emotional pain, and let them go by focusing on what you are doing in the present moment or focusing on your breath.

      • I will give this a go. I find that sometimes this works (letting go of your thoughts) and sometimes it doesn’t. I have found that letting go of the emotional pain of past events does work. However, letting go of anxiety about the future is extremely difficult.

      • It undoubtedly takes practice and constant diligence to break old patterns and behaviours. It’s a process.

        In overcoming fear and anxiety it also helps to remember that everything is happening as it is meant to, and no matter what happens, you can handle it!

        I hope this helps! 🙂

  2. “stress and unhappiness occur when we want the present moment to be something other than it is” I do have to re read this all the time, as it makes me think about the present moment. You wrote from Tolle before and I loved it.
    We do have expectations of how things go , and I am trying not to expect anything then whatever outcome is a pleasant surprise. It is not easy to live in the moment but absolutley worth it as I can read from you Fred!
    Great post, and I will go and have an awesome day now!

    • Thank you Ute. You’re right, it is a challenge to stay in the moment and not be triggered by others. Progress comes in small steps and it requires patience and diligence!


  3. Great post Fred you nailed it completely and I agree with utesmile on her quote from you… very wonderfully stated… Can you share with me some of the alkalining foods? Thanks for sharing all of your insight on this.

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