Creating Heaven on Earth

heaven on earthIn the past 20 years, since I inadvertently embarked on what I would humbly describe as my ‘spiritual journey,’ I have encountered a myriad of new terms and concepts. At times this stuff has puzzled and confused me. Certainly, it has not always immediately resonated with me and in this sense it has challenged me. For example, when I was first introduced to the idea that God was not a being that exists outside of us, but rather is an ‘energy’ that is everywhere and in everything, I didn’t get it. But then one day while writing my first book it came to me that God is like a lake. A lake is the sum total of all the droplets of water in the lake. Similarly, God is the total of everything that exists in the universe. God IS everything!

Over the years, most of what I learned came to me from people and books. Some I discovered on my own. The term ‘oneness’ for example, came to me during a meditation. At the time, I had no idea what it meant.

These terms and concepts, I believe, once understood, provide the template for each of us to create our own piece of heaven on earth, which is really what a spiritual journey is all about.

So, here they are … with a brief description:

  • awakening … the first realization that there is more to life than what we’ve been led to believe. (If you’re reading this, you have awakened!)
  • flow of life … the never ending flow of experiences that make up the ongoing history of the universe (life).
  • experience … what life really is.
  • oneness … the interconnectedness of all that exists.
  • God … the universal intelligence that is all that exists.
  • spiritual beings … what humans and all life really are.
  • consciousness … understanding the truths of who we really are and why we’re really here.
  • living in the present moment … where all living truly exists. We don’t live in the past or the future. They are merely thoughts.
  • the illusion of a separate self … the belief humans hold that we are all separate beings.
  • egoic mind … the never ending flow of mostly negative, destructive thoughts and beliefs that humans fall victim to. This is the root of our suffering.
  • conditioned thinking … the thought patterns and beliefs resulting from our upbringing, our culture and our history that dominate our thinking and lead to much destructive behaviour.
  • pain body … coined by Eckhart Tolle, it is the unresolved emotional pain resulting from our painful experiences.
  • feeling good about yourself … the most important thing for each us (my belief) on a day-to-day basis as it relates to our health and happiness.
  • letting go … all the stuff (emotional pain, faulty beliefs, expectations, judgments, etc) we need to let go of in order to find peace and joy

Each step along the way, each new concept understood, has brought me more peace … more happiness!

If you are embarking on your spiritual awakening, I urge you to learn more about these ideas. They will change the way you think and look at life. I’ve listed below, some books that have been enormously informative on my spiritual journey.

There is one other thing that will help us create heaven on earth, but it isn’t necessarily spiritual, nor is it a term or concept per se. Rather, it is more of a behaviour, and that is kindness. If we were just kind to one another, we could end suffering and create the utopia we so desire.

Recommended Reading:

  • The Celestine Prophecy … James Redfield
  • The Power of Now and A New Earth … Eckhart Tolle
  • Conversations with God, Books I, II & III … Neale Donald Walsch
  • Sacred Contracts … Caroline Myss
  • The History Teacher … Fred Phillips (me)

Have an awesomely heavenly day!


8 comments on “Creating Heaven on Earth

  1. I love this post, and your list! This is all what I am doing. As you say it does bring more happiness, I am on the same road. Well I still haven’t read an Eckhardt Tolle, need to get that book. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wishing you a great day too!

  2. I love this post. The journey to awakening feels so familiar. Life experiences have broken my heart open, through the years, to make more room for God, for the light of heaven on earth. Thank you for your words.

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