Change Our Value System

Have you ever noticed that we tend value people’s worth based on their net worth and their ability to generate money.  An actor’s value is based on his or her ability to draw customers to see their movies.  A musician’s value is based on their ability to get people to buy CDs or attend concerts. An athlete’s value is based on their ability to put fans in the seats. An employee’s value is based on their contribution to the company’s revenue and bottom line. Even a police officer’s value is based in part on how many tickets they hand out. If you don’t contribute positively, your value is greatly diminished and quite often, your employment terminated.

This value system also applies to parents. Quite often, their perceived value to their family is based primarily on their level of income.

The fundamental premise of Western education systems is that of economic gain. We educate people in order for them to have the knowledge and skills so they can earn more money for themselves, the businesses they work for and the governments they serve.

Unfortunately, this value system has a tendency to create fear and erode self worth.

We idolize and worship the rich (regardless of whether they have any integrity). We look down on the poor. We yearn to become the former while fearing to become the latter. We believe that people who are wealthier than us are better than us, so we idolize them and resent them at the same time.

Worse still, we feel bad about ourselves because we don’t earn as much money as the next person or as much as we think we should be earning. We feel shame when we find ourselves in financial difficulty, particularly when we have to reach out for help.

People commit suicide because of their financial situation. This is crazy!

This value system doesn’t serve mankind. It creates greed, animosity, a survival of the fittest attitude and much unnecessary suffering. It is based entirely in ego.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we valued people for their ability to give love, be accepting, show compassion, be nurturing, be forgiving, show patience and tolerance. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be part of a society that values kindness and wisdom, and advocates peace.

It’s quite likely that this would encourage behaviours that create joy and blissful living.

Have an awesomely blissful day!


4 comments on “Change Our Value System

  1. You totally said it in this blog!!! It is so amazing how we place those with money on a pedestal and those with less so far beneath… when in truth, the richest person is the one who knows them self and gives of him self… what you blogged to day is something that crosses my thoughts a lot… while flipping channels today I came across a show where it was about doctors and their lives and they have everything material, but were so lost… Manners and kindness go along way above a fancy dress with a ghetto tongue and thoughts… Great post!

  2. This is so very true, Fred. I have felt less worth because I am a low earner. Money is not a good indicator of how a person is and does not show their personality or character. I do however agree that a surgeon or a pilot should earn more than me as they have trained hard and they have an immense amount of responsibility. Then also I rather have a happy life than have millions and don’t know what to do with it. Through having not so much we appreciate life more, we see more beauty around us, our lives are certainly richer, in my view. I like to be rich in that way. 🙂
    I wanted to give you also this with love:

    • Thank you Ute. I hope that someday, people will be compensated based on their contributions to making ours a better society rather than how much money they can generate.

      Thank you so much for your nomination. I really appreciate it.

      Have an awesome day!

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