It’s Important to Have a Sense of Humour! Our Griswold Vacation Moment!

ihopEveryone has had their Griswold Family Vacation moment. You know, those unforgettable (and mercifully brief) cognitive lapses when you hope no one is watching.

We certainly had ours!

It took place several years ago. My oldest daughter was working for a figure skating show in Valdosta, Georgia, so we decided to visit her. Before the trip, my middle daughter asked if we could go to IHOP, a restaurant famous for it’s pancakes. She had seen it in the movie I Am Sam and desperately wanted to go there. I said, “Sure.”

We flew in to Atlanta and on the drive down I-75, passed many signs advertising IHOP. Daughter #2 was very excited, particularly when we saw that Valdosta had one!

We were quite busy during our first two days in Valdosta, visiting with daughter #1, enjoying the theme park where she worked, meeting her friends and taking in her ice shows. Several times each day, we were reminded (by you know who) that we had to go to IHOP!

“Yes,” we said with diminishing patience. “We’ll get there.”

When day three arrived, daughter #2 was bursting with anticipation. We were finally going to IHOP!

Equipped with foolproof directions, we headed to the south end of the city and quickly found the plaza where IHOP was located. Daughter #2 was beside herself with joy nestled comfortably in the backseat between her brother and sister.

Upon entering the plaza we passed by the International House of Pancakes. “Hey, cool!” I said. “I haven’t seen one of those for a long time. Now, let’s go find  IHOP?”

We drove around the plaza for 15 minutes, the frustration level rising with each turn. Do you think we could find IHOP? We even went into a mini-mall to see if it was inside.

No luck!

Thinking we were in the wrong spot, we decided to check for another plaza. As we made our way towards the exit I glanced up at the rear view mirror in time to see daughter #2 enter an extreme state of distress. The colour appeared to be draining from her face. Hope disappeared from her eyes.

I prayed for a miracle!

And that’s when the Griswolds struck!

On the way out of the plaza, we passed by the International House of Pancakes again. This time, the light went on. I slammed on the brakes and burst out laughing.

“What?” everybody asked.

“International House of Pancakes … IHOP!”

To which everybody else started laughing.


“So, daughter #2 got her pancakes (which she thoroughly enjoyed) and we had our Griswold Family Vacation moment!

And that everybody, is why it’s important to have a sense of humour … and a good prayer!!!

Have an awesomely humourous day!


8 comments on “It’s Important to Have a Sense of Humour! Our Griswold Vacation Moment!

  1. Ha ha. That reminds me of my friend who was showing off her very new, VERY expensive camera and telling us all the wizardry of it and I asked her whether it was it single lens reflex? And she answered that she was not THAT much of an expert so she had started out with a simple SLR camera and she would move up to a single lens reflex when she became more experienced.

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