My Fascinating Healing Journey!

dirt pathIn 1993, I went to see Jan Archer, a massage therapist in Alliston Ontario Canada. At the time, all my joints were a mess from martial arts training and long distance running. It was like every injury I’d ever had growing up playing hockey and baseball came back on me. I was also experiencing 3 to 4 migraine headaches a week and had severe food sensitivities that restricted me to eating steamed chicken and fish, vegetables and brown rice … conditions that seemed to develop after a serious car accident in 1990.

Jan is a gifted massage therapist, clairvoyant and spiritual guide, and I learned a lot from her and the books she recommended. Jan also introduced me to another therapist, Lynn Williams. Jan said she got better results from her clients who also saw Lynn. So off I went without having any idea what Lynn did (by this time in my life I had seen so specialists, I was open to just about anything). Lynn, as it turned out, practiced One Brain Therapy, and after my first visit, I was so fascinated that I couldn’t wait to see her again.

OBT uses muscle testing to determine what issue, or negative experience in your life, most needs to resolved, and then uses age regression (sort of like meditation or hypnosis) to go back to that experience to identify the negative emotional energy that needs to be resolved. This energy is held in our cell memory and limbic brain. When the energy is released, whatever discord you are experiencing gets resolved.

What most intrigued me were the past-life regressions. I believed in reincarnation, so it was an easy leap for me. We healed issues from many lifetimes and each time we did, whatever was going on in my present life got resolved, including issues with specific people.

I saw Lynn for over two years and enjoyed the experience so much and got such good results, I learned to do it myself and eventually developed my own technique. Nowadays, I rarely get headaches, I can eat a lot more foods (although I choose to eat a healthy diet) and except for Parkinson’s (another story yet to be completed), my body is very healthy.

As wonderful as this healing journey has been, what is more fascinating is what I have learned and the wisdom I have developed along the way through Jan and others about the truths of our existence. I think this awareness is an important part of the healing process and inspired me to write The History Teacher.

Although the journey is not over, it has clearly changed my life.

Have an awesomely fascinating day!

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3 comments on “My Fascinating Healing Journey!

  1. This is a great post as is the post on ‘Letting Go’.
    By the way, I cannot seem to reply to that post, have replies been blocked?
    So I thought I would write here. After you did a previous post on your favourite songs, and one was ‘Let It Be’ which was written by Paul McCartney when he was getting stressed about John wanting to break up the Beatles. I played it over and over and over that night and by morning I had ‘let go’ of some of the things (blame, guilt etc) that were hanging on and a little black cloud had lifted from my shoulders and I felt free. So your post on ‘Letting Go’ encompasses some of those feelings, and the lifting of those feelings that day. Excellent post.

    • Thank you Elizabeth. I’m thrilled that my Letting Go post validated your letting go process. I’ll look into why you weren’t able to post your comment there.

      Have an awesome day!

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