The Beauty and Power of a Wave!

wavingThere is enormous beauty and power in a wave! Not the type of wave you find in an ocean or lake (although there is certainly beauty in these types of waves). Rather, I’m referring to the type of wave you do with your hand.

Have you ever waved to a complete stranger? Sometimes they look around to see who you’re waving at. Most times, they smile and wave back. And therein lies the beauty and power. A wave implies friendship and there is enormous beauty in this. And it can change a person’s day. And that is powerful!

I began to understand the beauty and power of waving when I bought a motorcycle. Motorcyclists, you see, wave to each other when they pass on the road. It’s a cool feeling to have complete strangers wave to you. There is much camaraderie in motorcycling, which makes the activity a great deal more enjoyable.

Can you imagine if people started waving to one another from their cars. “Hey, I’m gonna wave to that guy, he’s driving the same truck as me!” You never know, it might help reduce road rage!

I think unbridled waving would be awesome, but I wouldn’t advise waving like the Queen. People might think you’re being insincere (you know, poking fun at her)!

So let’s all start waving more often. Let’s bring more friendship into this world! I dare you!

And while we’re on the subject, we need a hand gesture for ‘I’m sorry.’ Have you ever done something while driving that you were sorry for? Perhaps you inadvertently cut someone off. You can shrug your shoulders or mouth the words, ‘I’m sorry,’ but they might not be seen. You can wave, but a wave in these circumstances can be misinterpreted. So, we need a hand gesture. Any suggestions?

Have an awesomely daring day!


7 comments on “The Beauty and Power of a Wave!

  1. Omg I love this post! I ride motorcycles and the wave is so cool, I think because its so few of us against the cars, but I love it and you are so right that it should be that way I wave all the time along with a smile esp to the guys that work on the roads and such and where I live giving the hang loose sign always gets a return smile.

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