It’s Time to End the Cycle of Suffering Caused by Men

nurturingWhen was the last time a woman started a war, or committed a mass murder, or orchestrated the genocide of tens of thousands of her country’s citizens?

Hmmm … I can’t remember either.

How many mothers have sexually abused their sons? How many aunts have sexually abused their nephews? How many older sisters have molested their younger brothers?

I can’t think of any.

How many women are in jail, convicted of serial killing or convicted of raping young men who were walking home from the bus stop?

I’m still at a loss.

And how many woman are involved in organized crime, belong to a street gang, or kidnap young boys and force them in the sex trade?

Likely not many, if any at all!

Men have perpetrated an extraordinarily disproportion amount of suffering on this planet and it’s time we put an end to it!

How, you ask?

By going back to the root cause.

If we look at how we raise young boys and girls it’s not to hard to pinpoint what is going on. By comparison to girls, boys are far less likely to be nurtured, cuddled or shown affection especially by their fathers. Conversely, boys are more likely to be harshly punished, encouraged to rough house and participate in competitive, full contact sports.

Boys also have to overcome many societal prejudices. For example, boys, as a whole, are discouraged from expressing their feelings. As a result, they hold onto these feelings, especially anger, and eventually, this anger gets expressed inappropriately. Boys, heaven forbid, are also not allowed to be sensitive, otherwise, they are labeled as sissies, and such boys are cannon fodder in the school yard.

In most cultures, height and brawn are considered virtues among the male gender. As a result, boys/men are more likely to develop a sense of inadequacy and inferiority if they perceive that they are physically inferior and especially if they have a small penis. Anybody guy who has been in a change room understands this well.

It is also generally accepted, particularly among men, that men are expected to be the primary providers for their family. It is acceptable for a woman to stay home with the children, but not so for men. And there is great shame for a man who is out of work.

In order to end this cycle of suffering, we need to, first, raise our children, boys and girls, to feel good about themselves. We need to raise them to feel loved, wanted, accepted and appreciated regardless of their nature or physical stature. Mothers and fathers need to spend more time nurturing and cuddling, and it is absolutely essential that we teach them to express themselves.

It is also important that we alter society’s standards about the qualities that make a man, a man. We need to place more value on male sensitivity, the ability to nurture and the capacity to show compassion. Perhaps then we can end this needless suffering.

Have an awesomely nurturing day!


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