Merry Christmas: My Christmas Wish List!

santaDear Santa,

I am sending you my Christmas wish list in the hopes that you can really come through this year. You see, it’s been another difficult year here south of the North Pole, so I’m really counting on you.

I don’t want you to think that I’m putting pressure on you or being selfish. I know you’ve got a lot to do and a lot of wishes to grant. But it’s been a long time since I sent you my list and since Jesus doesn’t appear to be making a second coming … despite all the promises I heard about … perhaps you can fill the void.

So, here goes. Here’s my list:

  1. Please tell everyone to be kind to one another. They aren’t listening to me (I suppose that serves me right for not listening to my mom), but I’m sure they’ll listen to you. We can change the world with kindness.
  2. Please show parents how to raise their children to feel good about themselves. It’s way more important than the latest version of X-box (although, not nearly as exciting), but perhaps if children knew they were loved and felt good about themselves, they wouldn’t need X-box so badly.
  3. Please tell government to stop intruding in people’s lives, and if possible, could you ask them to stop squandering our tax dollars. (Yes, I know, I’m pushing it!)
  4. Please ask corporations to stop laying off their workers in order to generate more profits for their billionaire share holders. After all, these people need money to buy the goods that these billionaires companies produce!
  5. Please ask banks not to be so greedy. Do they really need to keep raising bank fees in order to give their employees huge bonus cheques so they can retire early and buy graphite mines and $4 million cottages?
  6. Please ask people to stop polluting. I’d really like my grandchildren (some day I expect to have them) to be able to breathe the air, drink the water and eat the fish.
  7. Please encourage people to eat healthy. I know MacDonald’s and chocolate and potato chips and pop taste really good, but they’re not very good for us. If I were asking Einstein, he’d explain it as a mathematical equation: a healthy diet = a healthy gut = a healthy immune system = a healthy body.
  8. Please ask schools to make eliminating bullying their #1 priority. It would be really nice to know our children could be safe from this type of behaviour. They deserve it, especially when you consider that many kids don’t have both parents in their lives these days.
  9. Please ask China to stop killing sharks before there are none left to make soup. Do they not know what North Americans did to the buffalo? And while you’re at it, please tell farmers to stop growing genetically modified corn. The pesticides are killing bees. Again, Einstein would use a mathematical equation to explain it: no bees + 4 years = no humans!
  10. Please, please, please ask people to stop throwing trash out of their cars. It makes me so sad to see garbage on the side of the road when I go for my morning walk 😦

There you have it. Ten wishes! I hope I’m not asking too much cause I really don’t want to take anything off the list.

Merry Christmas, Santa. Be careful on Christmas Eve especially when you’re flying over Syria, the West Bank, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Congo, Sudan, Somalia, North Korea and many other countries. A lot of people are shooting guns in those places.




2 comments on “Merry Christmas: My Christmas Wish List!

  1. Don’t forget to be careful in the USA too… Someone will likely get “constitutional” on him with an assault rifle as he enters their home. Hopefully it’s not just Johnny in his red pajamas looking for a glass of water! Merry Christmas Fred!!!

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