Mohamed Morsi’s Unwitting Inspiration!

I have an idea. It was inspired by democratically elected Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi’s recent edict, giving himself sweeping powers over political and judicial processes in that country. In the face of political opposition and street protests, Morsi is asking Egyptians to trust him. Hmmmm!

So, what is my great brainwave?

I’m going to run for Prime Minister of Canada so that I can thrust my will on the people of this country (just like Morsi), whether they like it or not. Of course, it’s for their ‘benefit,’ although initially, I don’t expected them to understand it. They’ll just need to trust me.

You see, once ‘democratically’ elected, I will put my plan into effect. First, I will give myself sweeping powers over whatever I want to have power over … mostly, government and the courts. I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to accomplish this, given our belief in democracy but I’m confident that if I keep thinking about it, a solution will present itself. Perhaps I could bury it somewhere in an Omnibus bill! “Let’s just skip right over item 337 here and move on to the part where you sign your name … heh heh!”

Come to think of it, this type of deception by our elected officials isn’t exactly new is it … in Canada or anywhere else for that matter!

In any event, next, I’m going to force schools to abandon their current narcissistic curriculum, which is based on a premise of financial gain (mostly for corporations and governments) and dumbing down the general population (you know, so they are easier to control and more willing to make money for corporations and governments) … a curriculum that was obviously designed to benefit the rich and powerful … and in its place, I will implement one that is intended to help children to feel good about themselves.

It will help children feel lovable, worthy, adequate and empowered. Of course, we’ll have to get the parents involved, because it’s really parents who have the greatest affect on a child’s self esteem, but I figure a couple of well-placed tax incentives will ensure their participation.

Initially, I expect there to be some resistance to my program. After all, the rich and powerful men who currently control governments and corporations are not going to want give up their positions of status willingly, however, as the children of the new curriculum grow into adulthood, they will naturally and organically weed out the ‘old school’ fraternity, making way for a more loving, compassionate, accepting society that provides abundance for all.

Actually, we may not have to wait until the new order of high self esteem children become adults in order to witness change. It’s possible that as people begin to see bullying disappear in our schoolyards (because children who feel good about themselves don’t bully other children), they might jump on board and get with program much sooner.

Of course, bullying won’t be the only thing that vanishes in this new society. People who feel good about themselves don’t harm others in any way, shape or form, so I expect murder, rape, theft, extortion, betrayal, exploitation, persecution, brutality, abuse, abandonment and all other forms of mistreatment to go away.

It might not be a bad society, eh?

I haven’t yet decided on my ‘public’ election platform, but clearly, based on the electoral success of the Ontario Liberal party, it need not have anything to do with the truth. It just needs to get me elected.

So, I need a support group … a backroom, as it were. Anybody interested?

Have an awesomely inspirational day 🙂


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