Why are men such dumb-asses?

Sorry guys, but I’m here to tell you that we have been behaving like a bunch of dumb-asses … and this is not a good thing!

Many years ago, when my sister-in-law was in her early 30s, and single, I told her that I wouldn’t want to be in her position. When she asked why, I said, “because all the good men are married.”

After seven years of being unmarried myself, my opinion has not changed. If anything, it has gotten more cynical because I’ve come to realize that even married men aren’t so hot. Look at our litany of inappropriate behaviours as it relates to how we interact with women. We treat them with disrespect. We abandon them, and quite often leave them to raise the children all by themselves with no financial support. We abuse them. We cheat on them. We don’t take the time to understand them. We don’t show our appreciation. We constantly let them down.

Are you feeling as bad as I am right now! I hope so, cause this can’t go on.

Let’s examine what women really want and how we measure up. They want us to be:

  • Caring … um, maybe if they give us the remote.
  • Thoughtful … when’s whats ‘er name’s birthday?
  • Affectionate … wham, bamm, thank you ma’am (that’s if we remember to say thank you).
  • Passionate … insert the sound of a fart.
  • Genuine … ah, ya, I really do like walks in the park!
  • Sensitive … you want me to tell you what?!?

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of our character!

But here’s the kicker. Despite our foibles, women still want to be with us. Single women want to date us. Married women want to stay married, and this gives me hope! But it’s gonna take some work on our part and it’s not easy work by any stretch.

You see, most men are the victims of Soprano’s-style compassion (SSC). We’ve had our ‘sensitivity’ and any form of decency literally beaten out of us, at home, at the arena, the football field, the baseball diamond, anywhere men like to gather. As a result, we are insensitive, immature, full of anger and pretty much completely lacking in any sense of decorum.

If we really want to right the ship, we’re going to have to delve into our emotions. We need to talk about our feelings. We must let go of our emotional pain! We may even need … to cry! Hey, where’s everybody going? Come back here ya weenies! Oops, I guess I’m not fully free from SSC. Sorry fellas!

Guys, it’s the only solution. Women are far more capable of being on their own than we are. Trust me on this! So we need to step up and reclaim our manhood … our real manhood!

Have an awesomely masculine day!


8 comments on “Why are men such dumb-asses?

  1. It’s what I have been saying for years been with a cheater then a beater, second chance, my ass! GET OUT & stay out! Now I choose to be on my own, I have a “friend” 15 yrs younger btw for lonely nights, my house is always clean, I am seldom rolling my eyes or pissed and I do as I see fit! It’s Not a matter of IF women choose this lifestyle, it’s WHEN! Oh yeah….I still date too, just not looking for anything serious 😉

    • Thank you Jill. Sounds like you’ve had your share of unpleasant experiences. If we raised boys to feel good about themselves, they would grow to treat others with kindness 🙂

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