The Announcer’s Curse … Evidence of Dark Energies!

I am here to proclaim the existence of dark energies.


I have evidence.

The announcer’s curse!

You know how it works. You’ve seen it happen many times. Your team is leading 1 – 0 in a game they need to win in order to make it into the playoffs. Then the announcer says, “If they can hold on for one more minute, they’ll have a shutout victory and a spot in the playoffs.”

Bamm! Before you know it, the opposing team scores, your team is out of the playoffs and you want to choke the announcer. (more evidence of dark energies!)

In golf, the announcers actually joke about this cursed curse. On one occasion last year, Steve Stricker (affectionately known as the nicest golfer in golf) had a three and a half foot putt for birdie, when the announcer said, “He’s made 163 straight putts from inside four feet.” Sure enough, Stricker missed the putt and the announcer chastised himself for hexing the bewildered golfer.

Baseball announcers on the other hand, have not caught on to the announcer’s curse, so they regularly put the jinx on both pitchers and batters. Twice this year in fact, they’ve cursed Toronto Blue Jay relief pitcher Casey Janssen.

In both instances, Janssen came into the game in the top of ninth inning (he’s known as ‘the closer’) with the Jays leading by a run. Janssen’s job was to protect the lead and save the game.

In the first game, the announcers said, “Janssen has a perfect record this year. He hasn’t blown a save!”

So, what happened? First batter! First pitch! Bamm! Home run! Janssen’s first blown save.

The second time it happened, the Jays were facing the Yankees. The first batter up was Derek Jeter. The announcer said, “Janssen hasn’t allowed Jeter a hit in 13 tries.”

So, what happened? Second pitch! Bamm! Home run! Janssen gave up his first hit to Jeter and in the process, blew the save!

Bad luck, you say. Shit happens. It was just a coincidence!


It is without a doubt a baffling phenomenon, for which there is only plausible explanation … dark energies!

You know … demons!

Okay, before you go running off declaring me mentally unfit and all, I would like to point out that Hollywood believes in demons and dark energies. The movie Ghost, for example, provided an interestingly vivid portrayal of dark energies retrieving the recently deceased who had committed heinous criminal acts. And what about The Exorcist? How much more credibility do you need than that?

Caroline Myss, renowned spiritual teacher and author of Sacred Contracts believes dark energies exists. She says it’s impossible to have angels without demons. She says, “You can’t have one without the other.”

I’ve certainly had more than my fair share of demonic intervention. My most recent ‘dark’ experience involved my martial arts club. Two years ago I had the best adult class I had had the privilege of teaching up to that point. 25 students. Lots of adults. It was an awesome class. I remarked about it several times. Then what happened. Bamm! Students started dropping out for various reasons, and soon, the class was less than half the size and all the adults were gone.

Dark energies, I say!

I think we can make a strong case for dark energies and to discount the idea, I believe, is folly.

The world is full of negative energy … fear, anger, hatred, resentment, shame, guilt and unresolved grief. We live in an environment that this ripe for the existence of demons. Heck, if demons were corn, they’d be 50 feet tall, what with the fertilizer we feed them every day through negative thoughts, words and actions.

Myss believes that we can neutralize dark energies through prayer. She suggests asking God to immerse in love and light. I think we also need to do two other things. First, make all of our thoughts, words and actions, positive ones. If demons feed off negative energy, let’s not feed them.

Second, heal our emotional pain and neutralize the negative energy connected to it.

Whether dark energies exist or not, what have we got to lose by doing these things. It can only make the world a better place! Quite frankly, I don’t need them affecting life so I’m certainly willing to pray and do whatever is necessary to keep them away from me.

Oh yes, there is another thing we can do to neutralize dark energies and ward off misfortune … touch wood! For God knows what reason, it seems to work … when I remember to say it, that is!

By the way, those two saves that Casey Janssen blew, the Jays won in extra innings. Let the light knock on lots of wood!

Have an awesomely light day!


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