Autoimmunity: The Real Root Cause

“Sure are a lot of folks with autoimmune disorders these days,” he remarked casually, as we strolled down the beach.

“Certainly are,” I agreed. “And what’s remarkable, is the wide array of autoimmune diseases.” The ocean was quite calm and while our significant others were taking it easy by the pool, we were enjoying a relaxing day in the sun. It had been a few years since the four of us had vacationed together and we were having a ball, which made the topic of our conversation seem rather odd.

“Yep, allergies, Celiac disease, diabetes, thyroid imbalances and a host of other maladies. It’s peculiar.”

“Not to mention, ubiquitous. It seems like everyone nowadays has an allergy,” I agreed.

“Yes, and those are just the more common conditions. What about the lesser known diseases like rheumatic fever, meniere’s disease and the like? They are afflicting a lot of people.”

I recalled what I had learned in school about autoimmunity, that it occurs when an organism fails to recognize its own parts, thus causing an improper immune response. It’s similar to what happens when the immune system mistakes an otherwise harmless substance as harmful, and attacks it, for example, ragweed or gluten. In the case autoimmunity, the immune system actually mistakes specific body parts as pathogens and thus, attacks them. “It’s very puzzling indeed,” I mused. “That the body, that is, the immune system, turns on itself.”

“A form of imploding. Sort of like cancer.”

“I wonder what could cause such a thing to happen?”

“Well, purely on a physical level there seems to be a number of possible factors, including poor diet and a high level of toxins, but I have another theory,” he offered. “Although, it’s certainly not a new idea, because people like Louise Hay have been talking about this for years.”

“Talking about what?” I inquired eagerly, picking up and tossing back an errant Frisbee that had landed at my feet.

“The mind-body connection. Or more specifically, the emotional root cause of disease,” he replied, as we continued on our way. The soft white sand felt like a gentle powder underneath our feet.

“Why, do you think autoimmune disorders have an emotional connection?’

“Absolutely! I believe all physical illnesses do.”

“What do you think it is?”

“What causes anything to turn on something else?”


“Definitely! Anything else?”



“At the risk of asking a dumb question, you mean the body hates itself?”

“Not quite. It’s a subconscious thing. There is a part of us that hates our self,” he said, tapping himself on the chest.

“You mean self loathing.”

“Yes, it’s very common.”

By now, the sun was directly overhead and it was getting quite hot, so we decided to head back to the pool.

“But why would we hate ourselves?” I inquired, continuing the conversation.

“A more appropriate question might be, ‘why wouldn’t we hate ourselves?’ When you think of the number of children who grow up being abused, abandoned, neglected, harshly punished, ridiculed, scorned, bullied, ignored, chastised, criticized, trying to live up to unrealistic expectations or simply told they were bad, it’s a wonder anyone loves themselves.”

“It sure does,” I agreed.

“We grow up holding on to all this anger … especially boys, because it’s much easier to feel anger than it is to feel rejection and grief … and we think our parents don’t love us, so how can we possibly love ourselves.”

What he said made a great deal of sense and I was about to relate my own childhood experiences that were likely at the root of the various health issues I had experienced, when my friend continued his analysis.

“And then, because of our anger, we compound matters by doing things that are inappropriate. We’re unkind. We bully, lie, cheat and steal. We know that what we’re doing is inappropriate and yet we can’t seem to help ourselves, which unfortunately, just adds shame and guilt to the mix, in part, because we feel like we’ve let our parents down.”

“What a paradox,” I lamented, shaking my head. “We blame ourselves for something our parents created?”

“It seems that way, because when we’re young, we believe everything our parents say and every time it happens we’re emotionally wounded and so we end up with all these wounded little children inside us.”

“Definitely a paradox,” I remarked, spying the pool off in the distance, which at the moment, seemed to be packed with high-spirited vacationers.

“Certainly is!”

“What about all the little kids who are born with autoimmune conditions or develop them at a very young age, before they’ve been exposed to all these bad experiences?”

“I believe there are two potential explanations. First, it’s possible that babies take on the emotional woundings of their parents at the time of conception and during pregnancy.”

“That makes sense,” I agreed as we rounded the corner at the opposite end of the pool enclosure.

“And secondly, it’s quite possible that we bring our emotional woundings forward from our previous lives … in our DNA.”

“Better be careful who you repeat that one to,” I kidded. “You might get burnt at the stake.”

“Yes,” he agreed. “It seems that we haven’t evolved much beyond that type of barbarism.”

“So how do we go about healing these diseases?” I asked, actually having a pretty good idea of what his answer might be.

“Three things. We need to start with a healthy diet … and I mean healthy,” he replied sternly. “Autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system is out of balance, and since 80% of  the immune system is situated in the gastrointestinal tract, a healthy diet is imperative. Healing simply won’t occur without it.”

“I’m with you on that,” I agreed, as we joyfully approached the edge of the pool, anticipating a refreshing swim. “What’s next?”

“We need to heal and release our unresolved emotional pain, which for most people means finding a good therapist. We need to express it. Talk about how we feel about the experiences that wounded us. Get it out there. Cry if we need to. Scream and punch a pillow if we need to. Whatever it takes. We also need to forgive our parents and anyone else who wounded us.”

“And third?” I inquired.

“We need to work on feeling good about ourselves. Healing our emotional pain will help, but we also need to practice loving ourselves. Standing in front of the mirror and saying, ‘I love you,’ helps. We also need to forgive ourselves. We need to remind ourselves that throughout our lives we have always done the best we could with what we had learned.”

“I suppose it would help if parents knew how to raise their children to feel good about themselves in the first place,” I said.

“Absolutely,” he agreed emphatically. “That would circumvent so much unnecessary pain.”

“Yes, but in the meantime, it seems like you’ve described a great process for healing all disease,” I exclaimed, jumping in the pool.

“Sure is,” I heard him holler as my head disappeared beneath the water.

Have a refreshingly awesome day!

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12 comments on “Autoimmunity: The Real Root Cause

  1. It’s so totally true, I got rid of the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis (about 2 years ago) thanks to a paleolithic diet and ,,seven laws of nature” , i.e. changing my lifestyle into a very healthy and sporty one. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to heal myself of the second autoimmune disease I suffer from called scleroderma. I’m strongly convinced the latter one can only be healed through emotional transformation and getting rid om my self-anger and constant dissatisfaction with myself. That has always been my problem. Of course, abusive childhood and conditional love on behalf of parents always plays a role in our attitude towards ourselves and possible further ,,autoimmunity issues”‘.
    As for scleroderma, I only felt a considerable relief from its symptoms in two specific cases – once after a lengthy 2-hour meditation with self-love affirmations in a meditation group, and secondly after a very short, but sincere and full of affection relationship with a man, to whom I confessed all my thoughts and feelings. That was the first time I didn’t have to pretend someone else than I am in front of a man.
    Maybe that’s the right direction to move in…
    Thank you for your blog Mr Philips, it really resonates with me. I find it so wise and true…

    • Thank you so much for your message and for sharing your story Monika! Dissolving unresolved emotional pain is a challenging journey! You might find it helpful to take up QIgong. You also might find it helpful to read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I would also recommend watching Teal Swan’s videos on youtube. All are very helpful!


  2. Anger in all its forms, including fear, is at the root of our health issues and societal issues. It is always our choice to decide our emotions in any instance.
    I urge others to think about this and ALWAYS choose love. Truly, love is the answer to our ills. Thank you for this intriguing approach to illness and disease. Well done!

  3. Just came across this post. I have suffered from Churg Strauss for 10 years and to no avail I have not been able to keep it at bay. After years of steroids and constant hospital stays with pneumonia I decided maybe this is emotional…. I started energy work and bodytalk this past year. I have come a complete 180 on many things, including forgiveness and loving myself again. But still haven’t seen any health improvements. I am hoping we are on our way there. I have been told by numerous doctors that I am off my rocker and even my naturpath is suggesting the energy work is maybe making it worse!!!! since I have seemed to relapse in health this year. Is it possible to be making headway and physically look sicker? Can I just be in the eye of the storm before it passes? I’m not sure but it feels right to continue this path to self healing and love. I truly believe the more you love the more you heal

    • Thank you for your message Cheryl! I hope you’re doing well despite your health challenges! There’s no doubt in my mind that emotional healing is an essential part of health recovery regardless of the condition. It has been the focus of my recovery strategy since my diagnosis. It is quite possible that your condition will get worse as the emotional pain [energy] comes up and out of your body. Don’t be discouraged! This is normal!

      I would urge you to read ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle. You will find it immensely helpful. Also, check out the links below to videos about emotional healing. Also, check out the blon that posted yesterday about my ideal day the protocol. I created it for people experiencing neurological conditions but it has universal application and you might find it helpful.

      I strongly believe that our health challenges [all of our challenges] are meant to guide us to self love and spiritual consciousness. You’re doing great!

      Blessings on your day!

    • Well I would find new doctors who have a clue to be blunt. You need holistic support and solid guidance so I would see if this site would help. I can give you one reference of a young boy but he had Stage 4 Cancer and he beat it with the advice and support of a Functional Medicine Doctor. KidAgainstChemo on Facebook truly is an inspiration. Licensed Functional Medicine doctors are very supportive of holistic methods to reverse conditions and they supported him with medical advice and guidance to bring balance in his body. You are changing patterns that hurt you and replacing with patterns of healing and love and that is HEALTHY. That is only GOOD for your cells as it truly raises your life force also called Chi, which can bring healing too. Zhineng QiGong famously works on Parkinsons and similar diseases.

      You need a doctor who knows the worth of these activities and more; and you should not have to justify your actions. It takes TIME to heal physical conditions and definitely not quick so always good to find a supportive, truly health minded doctor who can guide you to be on your best path and bring “balance” to your body the same way you are doing with your mind/heart. See if one of these doctors is in your area as there is a look up page.

      If there is not then I would continue to search for a reputable holistic doctor that supports you and change it up for you. I know KidAgainstChemo did about 20 different protocols..not just 1 or 2 and it has profoundly and positively changed his life. You will find many doctors who just don’t get it so you need to surround yourself with those who do.

      Health, Healing and Peace to you Cheryl :)…..I was told I would never work again and that it was a miracle I was not dead or paralyzed of course with recommended surgery, drugs, etc. they could help me. NO THANKS. That was 15 years ago; and it took 4 years to heal holistically and quite a journey but it’s possible :)…

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