Malcolm Finds The Cheese

“Hey Malcolm, did you find it yet?” inquired a friendly passerby.

“Not yet. But I will soon enough!” he replied confidently.

Malcolm had been searching for years, but had failed at every turn. Others thought he was unlucky. Some said he came from bad stock and would never find ‘the cheese.’

But Malcolm was determined. He figured that if he just kept looking, he would find it. After all, cheese was to a mouse as a mouse was to a cat. It was his right. It was his symbol of achievement.

He had actually tasted cheese one day, much earlier in his life. He loved it and he couldn’t wait to taste it again!

So Malcolm kept looking. He loved looking, actually. His family supported him in his endeavour. Where other mothers were indifferent, his mother encouraged him, and where other fathers gave orders, his father offered advice. Even Malcolm’s grandfather tendered invaluable pieces of wisdom from years of his own experience … grandparents are like that, you know!

He was in part, inspired by the success of others. Many of his friends had found the cheese and he read stories about mice he didn’t know, who had also found it.

No, he certainly wasn’t about to give up. He was told that this was an excellent time to find the cheese. The conditions and circumstances were ideal. And so, each time his search took him in the wrong direction, he took pause, considered his options, and found a new direction. He would not be denied.

Malcolm searched high and low, in every corner of his land, and throughout his search, he was steadfast in his belief that one day he would find his elusive prize. Then one bright, sunny afternoon, after many, many hours and years of effort, honing is skills, refining his search techniques, he got his lucky break. Opportunity knocked. He happened upon a distinguished looking stranger.

Studying the stranger, it seemed like Malcolm had been guided to this specific moment. He felt as though all of his determined effort, his endless days of faithful toil, had brought him rightfully to this place … to this synchronicity.

“Have you seen the cheese?” Malcolm inquired politely.

“Oh, yes indeed,” the stranger cheerfully replied.

“Can you tell me where it is?”

“I will do even better. I will take you to it!”

“That is very kind of you,” offered a very grateful Malcolm.

“Oh, it is my pleasure,” said the stranger. “It is the very least I can do for all the kind assistance I received in my own search for the cheese.”

Later, standing before his treasure, the wonderful stranger having merrily departed, Malcolm felt a genuine sense of entitlement. It was not a belief that the world owed him a favour, but rather the natural conviction that eating cheese is the inherent part of the life of a mouse. He knew he was deserving of living in abundance like every other creature on the planet.

Family and friends had gathered to bear witness to this joyful occasion and Malcolm was bathed in an enormous state of pride. He would savour this sweet moment. He would not take it for granted. It was his time … his destiny … and he would honour it!

Have an awesomely successful day!


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