Let’s Have Fun!

Is there a better time of year for merriment than summer. Especially for kids free from the burden of school and homework, summer offers unlimited opportunities for unbridled enjoyment! Be it the beach, a camp ground, an amusement park, a game of pick up baseball, or whatever your fancy, it’s a great time to have fun!

Having fun is one of the keys to good health and longevity. It helps us cope with and relieve stress. It promotes the release of endorphins and other ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters!

It strengthens our body, mind and spirit!

Children have an innate knack of finding ways to enjoy themselves. Unburdened by teenage peer pressure or adult responsibilities, childhood is pretty much a free-for-all funfest. At least that’s what I mostly remember of my childhood, save for some bullying and the occasional meting out of corporal punishment by parents whose idea of fun wasn’t always aligned with mine or my brothers. I particularly remember the spirited water fights during family gatherings that seemed to spring up out of nowhere.

Sometimes, the most fun moments occur spontaneously. A few years ago, I taught karate at a summer camp. The most enjoyable experience of the summer was a spur of the moment soccer game in the middle of a sudden rainstorm. We got soaked and we had a ball.

Inappropriate fun that doesn’t conform to the rules will almost always bring you into direct conflict with the authorities. Two Robin Williams’ movies provide great illustrations of this lesson. In both movies, Williams portrayed real life people [Dr. Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams, in Patch Adams and Adrian Cronauer, a radio DJ in Good Morning Vietnam] who bucked the rules in order to bring more joy to their workplaces and clients and both paid a price for their ‘fun’ ways.

There are a number of things we can do so that we can have fun in any situation:

  • Live in the present moment
  • Focus on doing our best
  • Be kind and respectful and act with integrity [fun should never come at the expense of another person and should never involve the destruction of property]
  • Practice safety first [As the saying goes, “it’s always fun until somebody gets hurt” …I learned this the hard way a few times!]
  • Express your feelings. [It’s hard to enjoy yourself when you’re holding onto anger,fear, frustration or sadness.]

Not everyone, as Adams and Cronauer found out, has a sense of humour, and that brings us to one of the most important factors when it comes to having fun, and that is attitude. A positive, optimistic attitude, pretty much guarantees that your life will be full of enjoyment. It will help you see the other person’s point of view.

And finally, it helps to have an adventurous, child-like [not childish] approach to life. Not only does it keep you from taking things too seriously, it helps you feel good about yourself. Kids know how to have fun, so be a kid.

Do it. Throw your inhibitions in the trash can, kick off your shoes and go for it!

Have an awesomely fun day!


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