When You Need Some Direction In Life

Have you ever found yourself stuck, not knowing what to do? Perhaps you had an important decision to make, but couldn’t decide, or maybe you were in a difficult situation and could not figure out a solution.

What do you do when this happens?

Be it a career decision or relationship situation, a potential relocation or how to deal appropriately with someone who is causing you grief, sometimes, our path is just not very clear.

Whatever the circumstances, often it is best to seek guidance. Not the type you might get from a family member, trusted friend or advisor. Although their advice might be helpful, sometimes, we need to go to a higher source of wisdom. God!

For the record, I believe in God, but I don’t believe God is an all-powerful being who exists outside of us. Rather, I believe that God is the innate wisdom of the universe, of which we are a part, so seeking advice from God is like talking to your higher self. Actually, I like to think they’re one and the same. I certainly believe they are connected. More importantly however, their wisdom is readily available to us.

Now, while I believe in God, I am not a Christian or member of any other religious group. Nor am I an advocate of the Bible, but I believe the Bible, like the Torah, the Qur’an and The Vedas, are sources of valuable information. Two familiar Biblical sayings are relevant as it relates to this issue of seeking guidance. First, seek, and ye shall find (Matthew 7:7) And second, ask, and ye shall receive (Luke 11:9-12). Both sayings are urging us to seek help … ask, and you will receive an answer! And be assured, the answers we seek are available to us.

This search for advice often leads people to psychics and intuitives, or having their Tarot cards read. The truth is, whether you solicit a psychic or simply ask God yourself, the answers are coming from the same source.

Asking for guidance is quite simple. Here is one way to do it. Simply say, “God, as it relates to ‘X’, what do you want me to do.” The answer may come to you immediately by way of a thought or an idea. It may also may be given to you in a song. Years ago, we were in the midst of renewing the mortgage on our house. I couldn’t decide if we should renew for one year or five. Then one day while driving to work, I was thinking about what to do, when the song, One, by U2, came on the radio. I took that as a sign, renewed our mortgage for one year and never regretted it.

The answer to your question may come from a variety of sources, like a movie or TV show. Whatever the source, recognize that you are being given divine guidance. You might be told to be patient. You might be guided to leave a toxic relationship or move or take a certain course of action.

How do you know that the message you believe you have received is in fact the correct message?  It’s not always clear. Sometimes you can tell by the way you feel … you just feel that it’s the right thing to do. Other times, you may not feel so sure. In any event, you have to trust.

Sometimes the decision you make may guide you down a path that leads to an unpleasant experience. This is a very real possibility. If something upleasant does happen, remember this, you might not always get the experience you want, but you will always get the experience you need for your spiritual growth.

Each experience is meant to serve our highest good. Perhaps it is meant to teach us about patience or trust or compassion or acceptance. Maybe it has to do with loss or betrayal. It may just simply be about fulfilling a karmic debt.

Whatever it is, you can bet that God and your higher self are aware of its purpose and therefore can provide the best guidance to get to it and through it. So ask!

Something else to be aware of, asking for guidance is not the same as praying for a certain outcome, such as asking God to bring us a job or help us get through an illness. When we pray in this manner, we are asking God to exert his/her influence to make something happen in a certain way. It’s okay to pray and quite often, it works well to pray and ask for guidance at the same time.

Have a reassuringly awesome day!


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