Let the Vitamin D Production Begin

Ahhhh.  It’s a beautiful day here in Ontario, Canada.  So beautiful that I decided to sit out on my front patio and soak up some rays.

Yikes! Unfortunately, I threw my skin cells into a frenzy. They weren’t ready to start producing Vit D so early in the year and they had to get busy dusting off and oiling up the machinery.

Vit D plays a crucial role in the state of our health, but most Canadians, heck, most people who live far from the equator, are deficient in this important nutrient, particularly during the winter months.  Dr Mercola, the noted American naturopath, believes it plays an essential role in preventing cancer, so making sure we have sufficient Vit D levels in our bodies is critical. You can check out his website at mercola.com.

The best source of Vit D is the sun. Well, we don’t actually get it from the sun. Our bodies synthesize it in the skin when exposed to the sun. That’s why those sunblocks we like to lather on our bodies are not such a great idea. Not only do they block the sun’s rays, thereby preventing the production of Vit D, they’re also loaded with chemicals that are toxic to the body.

During those days and times of the year when sun exposure is limited, Vit D can be sourced through a good quality supplement. Just make sure it is Vit D3.

Most of the milk sold in North America is supplemented with Vit D, but it’s not necessarily the best source because this milk has had the goodness removed from it through pasteurization and homogenization.

So, try to get some sun exposure every day, but don’t over do it. Having said that, I decided to get brave and take my shirt off. But then three elderly ladies saw me, crossed the street and walked on the other side. What’s up with that? Apparently my bare chest works like insect repellent. Better actually, because quite often I find insect repellent does little to repel insects. Back to tanning!

Have a sunny day!


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