Hot Yoga: Part Deux

I did my second hot yoga class today and like last week, found it to be a very enjoyable experience. I feel physically tired, but mentally invigorated!

I do have one concern though. Where are all the guys?

Today I was one of only two guys in the class. There were lots of women…mostly dressed in tight spandex…which makes you wonder where all the guys were!

In the 80s there was a popular saying, ‘real men don’t eat quiche.’ A more relevant slogan this day in age would likely go something like this, ‘real men don’t do yoga.’ Real men, it seems, do ultimate fighting, play football and participate in extreme sports. Perhaps if there was full contact yoga more men would get involved. “Now for balasana (child’s pose).” BAMM!

There’s another thing real men don’t do, and that is, express their feelings. Real men just hold onto them until an explosion occurs, mostly in the form of heart attacks, strokes, and the like. A different sort of BAMM!

Now, of course, a strong argument could be made that I’m not really one to talk. After all, I just started doing yoga myself, but in my defense, I wanted to for a long time, I just found lots of legitimate reasons to procrastinate.

I’ve long held the belief that yoga is a life extending activity and more importantly, a quality of life enhancing activity. I think the same is true for expressing your feelings. They both have a way of releasing stress, even more than watching grown men bash the bejeepers out of each other.

So c’mon guys, put on your spandex, grab a mat and head to your nearest yoga studio. I think you’ll enjoy it. After that, you might even be inspired to unburden yourself of all that emotional pain you’ve been carrying around with you.

What’s holding you back? BAMM!


2 comments on “Hot Yoga: Part Deux

  1. Hi Fred! Great post, it’s true – we need to get more guys into yoga! It is a great stress reliever, and is complimentary to other sports. By increasing flexibility and focus is a great alternative to traditional forms of meditation to gain internal focus.

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