A Different Approach To Dealing With Cancer

It seems that every time I turn the TV on, there is an ad for a charity that is raising money for cancer research …  ‘find a cure for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, leukemia.’ If it’s not on TV, it’s in a pamphlet that arrives in the mail. It’s endless.

Do you ever stop to wonder why, with the billions of dollars that has been donated in the name of finding a cure for cancer, that no cure has been found. Despite years of research people are still being diagnosed in record numbers and each year, approximately one out of every two people who are diagnosed succumbs to the disease.  This is tragic.

I think it is also fate. Perhaps we’re not meant to find a cure, because if we found a cure we wouldn’t stop doing the things that are causing cancer in the first place. We wouldn’t change our behaviours. And you  know what, if we spent more time focusing on the cause and less on the effect, we would solve this dilemma and kick cancer’s miserable butt.

I think if we want to cure cancer or at the very least, reduce the rate of cancer, we need to eliminate what causes it and I recently spoke to the students I teach at my karate club about this.  I suggested to them that the first thing we need to do is recognize the connection between emotional trauma and the onset of cancer. Cancer is a disease that literally eats away at our body and is a physical manifestation of what is eating away at us emotionally…guilt, shame, resentment and unresolved grief. We need to heal this emotional pain.

Next, we need to purify our diets by consuming as much natural organic, chemical free foods and liquids as we can. Yikes, you say! That stuff has no taste. Well, the more processed, sugared, artificially sweetened substances we consume with chemical additives, the more we toxify our bodies. A healthy diet with a good dose of antioxidants helps to alkaline our bodies and studies have shown that disease, including cancer, can’t survive in an alkaline body.

Next, we need to bring more joy into our lives. Sing, dance and laugh. Laughter is proven to boost the immune system. Avoid watching too much news or reading too many newspapers especially before bed or while you’re eating. Why is it that we need to know about a bus crash in some far away country that killed a bunch of poor souls? Studies have shown that watching the evening news can turn a perfectly healthy alkaline body into an acidic one. I beg of you, watch just enough news to stay informed. I also urge you to do things you love to do, be it your job or a hobby. Spend more time in nature. If you’re in a job you hate, get out of it, or at least try to focus on something about your job that you are grateful for.

Next, get regular exercise … cardiovascular, strengthening and stretching. You don’t need to overdo it. Find something you like to do and go for it.

Finally, rest. Get a good nights sleep, meditate or just take it easy. The body needs rest. It needs to replenish itself.

We also need to, as a society, eliminate the pollutants we are releasing into our air, water and building materials. We need to decide which is more important, money or a happy, healthy society.

I think if we do these things, we greatly increase our chances of living a long, happy, healthy life, and who doesn’t want that!

Have an awesome day!


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