This morning, I watched a news item about arthritis and about the impact this condition has on people’s lives, the workplace and our economy.

It discussed treatment programs, including pain medications and replacement surgery.  Knee and hip replacements have become incredibly commonplace.

It also talked about using treatment programs to get at the root cause of arthritis…inflammation in joints.

What it didn’t talk about, is the real root cause of arthritis, and that is unresolved emotional pain. Arthritis is simply a physical manifestation of our emotional woundings.

In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay says the root cause of arthritis is feeling unloved. She also says that inflammation is related to feelings of anger and fear about the conditions in your life.

In order to heal arthritis, we need to heal our emotional pain. We need to resolve the memories that are at the root of our woundings. It is crucial that we do this in order to get off medication and eliminate the need for replacement surgery.

Healing emotional pain is not easy. It takes time and the help of a good therapist or therapy program. For many, it requires a change in our way of looking at things. It requires a change in our belief systems because we’ve been led to believe that the only way to treat illness and disease is through medication and surgery.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Healing emotional pain plays a vital role in achieving and maintaining good health.  We all hold onto emotional pain. We’ve all had experiences that have caused us to feel unloved, unwanted, unaccepted, shame, guilt, grief, anger, fear, resentment, bitterness, anguish and despair. This emotional pain when not resolved leads to physical illness. This is a truth!

There are many effective programs that are intended to help heal emotional pain and you need to find the right one for you.

We also need to examine and most likely change our diet. In order to achieve optimum health, it is best to eliminate sugar, dairy, margarine, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and processed foods and consume as much raw organic fruits, vegetables and meats as possible.

Most of all, we need to take charge and do what is best for us. It is essential that we understand the role of emotional pain in physical illness, be it arthritis or any other condition, and actively take steps to heal it.  It is also really important to lead a healthy lifestyle, including consuming healthy, natural foods as much as possible.

We each have a choice. We can choose to live in good health and take the necessary steps to make it happen. It’s really just that simple!

I wish you happy, healthy living and an awesome day!

2 comments on “Arthritis

  1. Yes I need a total hip replacement, one the worst the’ve seen I’m only 56. This has not only caused me severe constant pain, it has taken away my independence, is extremely important to me, it has effected my self esteem, has really impacted my life. I’ve read “you can yourself” years ago, but I passed my book on to a young man whom I meet walking down the street. You see he began to tell that he didn’t know what to do as he was only 17 and he was dying of cancer. I ran in the house and grabbed my book and gave it to him. I told him he was beautiful, he would be OK and I would keep him in my prayers. I had no idea it could heal a hip, I pray this can be true, I want to be able to do yoga, as I know this will be my journey.

    • That was a wonderful gesture Kim, to give your book away! A friend of mine just had hip replacement surgery. He was riding his motorcycle within eight weeks. You will be able to do yoga again!

      Best wishes!

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