We Could Achieve World Peace if We Did Just One Thing!

Imagine world peace … a world where you could walk down any street in any city in any country anywhere in the world any time of the day or night and not have to worry about being beaten up, robbed, raped or murdered. People would greet you with smiles and friendly hellos.

This is what our world would look like if everyone felt good about themselves.

We could turn on our television sets and never be subjected to images of war. Parents could send their children out to play without fear of being abducted, and they would never again have to watch their sons and daughters go off to battle. We could leave our homes and never have to lock the front door. People could speak freely, in any country, without fear of reprisal.

No one’s daughter would ever again be kidnapped and forced into the sex trade. No one would ever again experience the humiliation of bankruptcy. School children would never again be the victim of a bully.

Fear would no longer exist, nor would all of the behaviours that are born of fear. There would be no crime, abuse, betrayal, persecution, corruption, discrimination or greed. There would be no pollution or destruction of our planet. There would be no unemployment or poverty.

There would never be another America’s Most Wanted and words such as criminal, murderer, sexual predator, kidnapper, con artist, inmate, dictator and terrorist would disappear from our lexicon.

Wouldn’t this be an awesome world? We would all live with dignity and self respect. People from all walks of life would live together in peace and harmony. We would understand the truths of our existence and we would live with compassion, acceptance and love. We would live in abundance and gratitude.

We can create this world … by changing the way we feel about ourselves.

If each of us felt lovable, worthy, adequate and empowered … we would stop mistreating each other and the planet. We would ensure that everyone was taken care of.

Feeling good about ourselves, I believe, is the most important thing for each of us each day of our lives.

When you feel good about yourself, you simply cannot mistreat another being. You don’t lie, cheat or steal. You don’t gossip and you don’t horde.

Why is it then that we don’t feel good about ourselves?

Mostly this occurs when we grow up feeling unloved, unwanted, unaccepted and unappreciated, usually as a result of a dysfunctional or non-existent relationship with one or both of our parents. When this happens, we develop a faulty self image…we don’t feel good about ourselves…and because of this, we mistreat others.

We also feel a sense of powerlessness. We watch the news and we shake our heads and wonder why. We hear about children starving to death in other countries and we do nothing. Government increases taxes, we get angry, but we do nothing. Banks increase their fees, we get angry, and again we do nothing. The price of gas goes up, we complain, but take no action. Each day we are shown ample evidence of our faulty collective self image.

But it seems that we are ready for change. People hunger for a better ‘more spiritual’ life.  We are devouring books by Eckhart Tolle, James Redfield, Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dyer and others. We yearn for wisdom, peace of mind and joyful living because we know, deep down in our souls, that this is far more fulfilling than wealth, power and fame.

We want a better world. We want a healthy planet. We want a more fulfilling life…for everyone!

Here are some other characteristics of what our world would look like if we all felt good about ourselves:

  • There would be no jails, because there would be no criminals
  • There would be no police, because people would never mistreat one another
  • There would be no security at airports, because nobody would want to harm another human being
  • There would be no government corruption
  • Governments would govern for the people, not for themselves
  • There would no abuse of any kind…no physical, sexual or emotional abuse and no abuse of power
  • There would be no road rage
  • We wouldn’t kill animals simply for their ivory or their bladders or their fins. We would only do it for sustenance
  • Food companies would no longer put substances in their products that are harmful to human beings
  • Teenagers would stop rebelling and they would stop fighting with one another
  • There would be no price gouging
  • There would be no “No Trespassing’ signs because people would respect each other’s property.

This may seem very idealistic, but I believe it is possible. What is more, it is achievable. We can change the way we live.

Change begins with awareness and empowerment, and the awareness that feeling good about ourselves is the most important thing for each of us each day of our lives is critical to initiating change.

For each of us, change begins with ourselves. It is the only thing we need to be concerned with. As each of us changes, we inspire others to change.

In order to initiate change, each of us can start doing one simple thing … be kind! Every day, be kind to others and perform loving acts of kindness.

By doing these things you will send positive, loving energy out into the universe. Others will sense it and you will feel awesome!

If you are a parent, raise your children to feel good about themselves. Make them feel loved, wanted, accepted and appreciated. Hug them, nurture them, praise them for who they are, allow them to express themselves and show them unconditional love.

Are you ready to change? You can begin the process right now…today. Go for it!

What would the world would look like to you if we all felt good about ourselves?

Have an awesome day!


4 comments on “We Could Achieve World Peace if We Did Just One Thing!

  1. Good job, Fred!

    How do we apply the best of spirituality to ourselves and each other to work toward a practical spirituality that works in life? It is high time to start thinking about this direction of evolution…

    There may not be much life left to mankind after the 21st century, we may have destroyed our planet by greed and stupidity if we don’t make a positive shift in our consciousness that makes us really care about each other and the world.

    We want to acknowledge or not we are in deep trouble. We live in a world that works for only a few. It doesn’t work for those it purports to serve. Through the practice of exclusivity, “I am separate”, we have created a soul-starved society. Exclusivity has created societal and personal problems that are fundamental, nightmarish, complex and interlocking: We have created a big mess. And that mess leads to an inner emptiness, a hunger.

    However, we can change this. We can create a world that works for all. We can shift our consciousness, our compassion and our actions to inclusivity: “We are One.” Through inclusivity, we can create a world that works for all.

    Be well 🙂

    • Thank you Sharif for your insightful and articulate words. Our present society does in fact work only for the privileged few and our behaviours are without a doubt leading us towards self destruction. Awareness of who we really are and why we’re really here can change this. Letting go of our collective psychological inferiority and creating a positive self image steeped in love, compassionate and acceptance will create the nirvana we all so deeply crave.

      Thank you,

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