Government Reform

People love to complain about government. We gripe about the behaviour of our elected representatives, the attitude of government employees, legislation that seems to lack common sense, high taxes and government’s apparent lack of concern for its constituents. And you know what, our gripes have merit.

Governments, as a whole, are about staying in power and controlling what we think and do.  Government is about taking money from people’s pockets and putting into government’s pockets. The words people generally use to describe how they feel about government are best not printed and this is not a healthy way of living.

Somewhere along the line, government stopped serving the people…maybe it never really did…and started serving itself.  This is evident in the way government treats its citizens and spends taxpayer’s money.  As an example, simply look at what has happened in Canada in recent years with frequent election calls, Adscam, the gun registry and so on.

Wow, this is depressing stuff!

So what do we do?

Government’s behaviour, actually, is just another symptom of a society that collectively doesn’t feel good about itself…a society that struggles to find compassion, acceptance and love.

But the reality is that government is made up of people…real people…and like the rest of society these people have insecurities, fears and faulty beliefs that is evident in the way they behave and treat others.

In order to change the way government operates, we need to change the way people feel about themselves. When you feel good about yourself, you don’t mistreat others. That’s a truth!

Government reform is a necessary part of creating a more joyful way of living. We need to be able to trust our elected officials and we need to know they are truly operating in a manner that is in the highest good of its people, so let’s focus on creating a society that feels lovable, deserving, adequate and empowered!

Have an awesome day!


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